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Did you lose something?

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RE: Lost and found? | from JoeSep 23 2001 - 13:27

I'm glad you found it. It was my oxygen tank. Green. With several clear tubes.

RE: Lost and found? | from WilliamSep 23 2001 - 11:37

Yes...thanks John! It is a small but mature mountain cat with a jewel encrusted collar. Thanks for keeping him safe for me. I'll get Joey (his name) from you at the Maxwell's show in October. (PS_ Feed it meat...lots of meat.)


Did you lose something? | from J. BerrySep 23 2001 - 01:08

Hi there. Somebody lost something at the Bottom of the hill show...
If you happen to know what it is..
it might be yours. Let us know.

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