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Any other bands from Idaho

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RE: Built To Spill and Idaho Music | from Idaho MusicSep 21 2001 - 17:54

Boise, Idaho has a lot of really creative people. Sometimes people see the state of Idaho as some backwards place. They're wrong. Sure, it has some shitty spots -- but so does everywhere.

RE: Built To Spill and Idaho Music | from DaveSep 19 2001 - 22:26

Modest Mouse is from Seattle, or
more specifically, Issaquah, a
suburb outside of Seattle. Boise
used to have a great indie scene,
but it's unfortunately drying out.
I think big shows still make it to
Boise though.

Any other bands from Idaho | from Badbrains2000Sep 19 2001 - 11:16

I live in Manhattan and I am a huge BTS fan. They are actually playing here 3 dates this week. What I'm wondering is what other notable Idaho bands (i.e. bands who have albums I can find here in New York). I'm also a big Modest Mouse fan. Someone told me someone in MM was from Idaho. True or not? Lastly, Is it hard for you guys to see big shows in Idaho. I mean, do a lot of bands bypass your state?

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