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RE: HELP | from sylvanazi Sep 19 2001 - 12:31

p.s. sorry for exploding on you like that, this is a terrible thing regardless of what might be read into it.

RE: HELP | from sylvanSep 19 2001 - 07:09

cool man,
mine should be coming in the mail anyday now. today, i hope.

RE: HELP | from christianSep 19 2001 - 05:14

well i guess my scared white media lapdog ass stands corrected. it's better to live in fear and ignore what i don't understand. we're all going to die sooner or later.

on a brighter note, i was lucky enough to hear "levitate" - it's incredible!

RE: HELP | from sylvanSep 18 2001 - 15:18

christian, as many a "good" christian you seem to have a inclination for acting or speaking out fear and with reproachable style i might add. when you say "things will only get worse..." you're obviously speaking out of personal sentiment. surely it is not the gravity of the situation which propels your thoughts but your own gravity. the gravity of your scared white ass crying in the corner. Is dropping bombs on women and children going to make you feel any better? besides, the people that run the show don't give a shit about you and your 5000+ "innocent" people. remember, these are the same fuckers who brought us crack cocaine, and vietnam. your feelings are representing the euro-american fantasy of making it safe, of destroying anything that could concievably pose a threat to our value system. and notice that i do not mention the "news" or "bodies", these deaths could only be symbolic to media lapdogs such as yourself. but you are not special, it doesn't matter what you feel. we are the mistakes my friend, you and me. and for further clarification i do not say we should learn to grieve out of some utopian bomb shelter. I say this because our grief is not about this tragedy, it is only symbolic of our lives, our struggles. and only that. it will never be safe. nationalism sucks!

RE: HELP | from christianSep 18 2001 - 12:35

with all due respect, "learning to grieve without striking out" is not only hopelessly naive but completely ignorant of the gravity of the situation. 5000+ innocent people were killed - are we to say to the perpetrators "well you killed all these people, so we'll grieve but then try to get along better in the future"??? it's obvious to anyone paying attention that striving for a utopia in which all humankind live in harmony is pointless. things will only get worse if we try to remedy this horrific problem by preaching peace love and understanding. these are ideals for which these terrorists, whoever they are, have no capacity. while i don't condone violence any more than the next person, can there really be any other solution besides retaliation?
sorry man, it's WAY to late for "can't we all just get along?".

RE: HELP | from sylvanSep 18 2001 - 10:19

your concern is understandable my friend. it is truely unsettling that many "americans" are so susceptible to propaganda and completely reactionary to boot. i'll be the first to admit that i don't know what the fuck is going on, i.e. "who" is responsible. we don't know really, but surely any person who is educated on these matters would approach this situation tentatively. certainly our suspicion should be if not more then equally concentrated on our intelligence community. needless to say, it would not be the first time that it could possibly be implicated in manufacturing conflicts to fund it's own sordid agenda. so it seems for america, there are no more real wars... every incursion with it's trumped up patrotic mania verging on pornographic fascism. but this new "war" is by no means innocuous, but unimaginably evil to life. i... myself as i am sure of many other excellent people in this country do not consider myself an american, but a human being. we are all thinking apes, let's be friends you know. sylvan.

p.s. perhaps we could start a web page for people who aren't complete morons on this topic. it truely saddens me to think that many of our muslim friends think of all americans as condoning the actions of our nazi head. and i can't help but hope that we could learn to grieve without striking out. thanks

RE: HELP | from handleSep 16 2001 - 21:12

RE: HELP | from HandleSep 16 2001 - 20:51

Another example:

RE: HELP | from HandleSep 16 2001 - 20:49


HELP | from HandleSep 16 2001 - 20:20


I'm trying to find educated people to help me. Idaho fans seem like the right people. Today I stumbled across an Afghanistan message board. A bunch of American Rednecks are posting crap about exterminating them, etc. etc. It's really sad and sick. You know, these are the same type of people that poach endangered species, etc. I ask and invite you to come help with these guys, so the Afghan people do not think all Americans are racist idiots that want to murder their children.

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