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snippets of new songs online

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RE: MP3 snippets posted here? | from jeffSep 16 2001 - 10:49

we are so busy preparing for the tour that i havent had time to embellish the site...ill try to put some mp3's up by this evening (sunday the 16th).....

snippets of new songs online | from jeremy trueSep 15 2001 - 00:07

hey, this is mostly for Jeff, or whomever is working on the idaho site... have you considered posting 2-minute snippets of some of the songs from the new album on here? in particular, the songs you are considering playing on tour- at this point i don't think i could get a copy of the new CD BEFORE the show, but i would be able to appreciate the songs SO much more if i had the opportunity to hear a bit of them ahead of time. SOME of us like to sing along to songs, but it seems like every time IDAHO plays in san francisco, it's about 2-4 weeks before the album is done, so we are clueless to half the set. anyways, just a thought. hope things are ok for you guys in these crazy times, take care!

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