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any further information ??

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RE: Dakota Suite split 7 | from idahomusicSep 09 2001 - 10:24

yes we will ship to anywhere globally...we will email you with the shipping costs and add it to your credit card amount if you are cool with the costs. these are our semi-confirmed euro dates.....the uk and france are just behind these but not confirmed quite enough to print....will know in a few days and will add all of the dates to the site

November 2nd: Schaffhausen - TAB TAB - Switzerland
November 3rd: La Chaux-de-Fonds - BIKINI TEST - Switzerland
November 4th: Bern - CAFE KAIRO - Switzerland
November 5th: Lausanne - COULEUR 3 SWISS NATIONAL RADIO LIVE SESSION - Switzerland
November 6th: Zurich - ROTE FABRIK / ZIEGEL OH LACH - Switzerland
November 7th: Geneva - L'USINE - Switzerland
November 8th: Brussels - BOTANIQUE - Belgium
November 13th: Muenster - GLEIS 22 - Germany
November 15th: Odense - RYTMEPOSTEN - Denmark
November 16th: Copenhagen - LOPPEN - Denmark

any further information ?? | from DannySep 09 2001 - 03:42

I've just heard that Idaho may be
releasing a split 7" with Dakota
Suite.. Is this true? And if so,
when will it be out (UK esp.) and
do you have any idea what track
will be on it ?

Finally, (sorry to act like a dunce
) but with the Levitate pre-order
thing, does that mean US only
orders, or US only postage ?? Im
in the UK and am desperate to get
my hands on the new CD, as Im sure
many of my fellow countrymen are.
You'd better play some UK dates as well Jeff ! Thanks - Danny.

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