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is there anybody out there?

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RE: Tablature? | from 66jzmstrMar 27 2000 - 19:29

Thanks for the reply! I look
forward to the tablature & tunings!
Just please don't forget- any tab
or tunings (not just the ones I
mentioned) would be great. Once
again, thanks!


RE: Tablature? | from dan setaMar 27 2000 - 15:30

I know for sure that 'Only in the Desert' and 'Goldenseal' don't have anything written down for them. 'Only in the desert' is fairly simple though, and I could at least write down the chords for that one. 'Golden Seal' is all over the map and changes quite a bit throughout the song. I might be able to do the tuning and some of the major chords on that one. 'God's Green Earth', 'Zabo' and 'Crawling Out' should have something already written for them. Jeff was much more meticulous about writing songs down in the past. I would guess that 'Run But You Ran' does not have anything written down, but I could be wrong. I will rummage through the song charts this week and let you know what we have.

RE: Tablature? | from 66jzmstrMar 21 2000 - 22:18

Thanks for the quick reply! Wow-
off the top of my head "Only in the
Desert," "Run But You Ran," "Golden
Seal," "Losing Light," "Crawling
Out," "Zabo," "God's Green Earth."
Half of these are newer, but any
songs -on this list or not- would
be wonderful. Even just a list of
some common tunings you and Jeff
use would be great.

On that note, do you and Jeff use
the same tuning on the same song?
This seems logical, but I know
Sonic Youth never does this (then
again Sonic Youth was probably
never considered logical!).

Anyhow, any info regarding any of
this would be much appreciated!


RE: Tablature? | from dan setaMar 21 2000 - 18:15

We have scrawled most of the songs
down in our own strange form of
tablature that might not make any
sense to anyone but us. There is an
example of the tablature in the tabs
section of the site. Are there any
particular songs you are interested

Unfortunately we haven't written
down nearly anything from the last
two records.

is there anybody out there? | from 66jzmstrMar 21 2000 - 17:31

This is probably a long shot- with
the four-stringed guitars and
alternate tunings and all, but does
anyone have any (stabs at) Idaho
tablature? Please let me know!

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