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RE: acoustic guitar pickups | from ericAug 09 2001 - 14:55

acoustic p/u's are tough...i tried a bunch; Seymour Duncan woody, whatever under the saddle jobbie that came with my Guild, a Fishman rare earth.

didn't like any.

just got my jumbo Martin and it has a Fishman Prefix Pro system in it and i am finally satisfied with a plugged-in acoustic sound. a couple things i do (also very cheaply) to enhance the sound is to run the my signal through a Art tube MP pre-amp and also a EQ pedal. the stompbox EQ isn't ideal, but, it is good enough to help eliminate annoying feedback.

RE: acoustic guitar pickups | from Seth HowardAug 09 2001 - 10:24

I use a an old Bill Lawrence magnetic soundhole pickup in my Martin. My other acoustic has a McIntyre piezo installed. If you're looking for magnetic, the Lawrence is a great cheap option. If you want magnetic, and have more dough to blow, look at the Sunrise system.

I like the McIntyre, but it's a little boomy. It would not be the best option if you need to be loud enough onstage to be heard over a band. Highlander pickups are supposed to be really good piezos.

Whatever you get, the SansAmp acoustic DI is awesome. I highly recommend it. It's about $200 US, but worth every penny.

Check out harmony-central.com's guitar forum. I'm sure you could get more opinions than you know what to do with there.

recommendations | from willAug 09 2001 - 07:10

i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about acoustic guitar pickups. i'm in the market for one and i'm pretty ignorant. any help would be cool. thanks...

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