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the 10 dollars/john berry 4 president

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RE: why i owe jeff 10 dollars and why john berry rules | from jumileOct 01 2001 - 07:37

why you owe that man 10 dollars you and him must go together or something

RE: why i owe jeff 10 dollars and why john berry rules | from who caresAug 31 2001 - 20:12

okay. that's very independent projects of you

the 10 dollars/john berry 4 president | from steve schayerJul 27 2001 - 19:05

hey jeff,
steve from big and tall bookstore here; i owe you 10 dollars. don't think i've forgotten your generosity at the HMS Bounty. i haven't. how are you and your sister doing? emailed with the diamond woman debbi herself recently. thought i'd say hello to you too. you know in that big takeover magazine where jack's talking about the guy in bad religion's mother being an actress too: well that's my mother and it's not appropriate for my little brother to get more press than me. fuckers!

now, john berry! you are most excellent and it's good to hear you are grooving on a natural vibe maaaaan.

okay. time to go and see if i can get the money big and tall still owes me out of dave erickson; if you see him on larchmont ask him to float you the 10 dollars i owe you jeff.

have a nice day.

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