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RE: Levitate on ebay? | from idahomusicSep 09 2001 - 13:03

you can buy levitate at idahomusic.com and get it before the october 2nd release date

Ho hum . . . | from AnnaSep 09 2001 - 11:22

Hey guys.
It was probably already stated many times before but I can't pick it out of this mess of posts. When does Levitate actually come out on the market? (yeah I saw the one on Ebay, and was stifling the urge to bid on it . . .) I read something about pre-ordering it . . . where can I do that? Ack, the confusion! ha ha ha Any answer would be much appreciated.


RE: Levitate on ebay? | from jayAug 05 2001 - 19:44

back to the whole ebay thing, i really wanted a copy (not for $40), but i was bidding... no luck.

anyway, i emailed someone (i guess here) who got a copy. im not into scamming the artist, i make music myself and am sensitive to the issue. i am just interested in hearing the stuff NOW, because i really like Idaho. regardless, if i do get a copy, it won't be without jeff and the label getting what they are due. and if i get a copy, either internet/mp3 or otherwise, i'll buy the disc...

i think the fact that i am willing to go to these lengths to hear a new idaho disc means that ill actually BUY one, so that i can do my part to make sure there is ANOTHER NEW IDAHO disc about a year from now or whatever, that i cannot wait to hear.



RE: Levitate on ebay? | from michelAug 05 2001 - 13:12

if, like most of us do i suppose, one simply ignores lame comments, maybe the fun of posting them would decline? just a thought..

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from JKAug 05 2001 - 04:37

Im sorry to "Bored" for the inconvenience of arguing with loser weenies. Obviously theres a few non-Idaho fans visiting the page and leaving thier lude comments here. I guess Im just defending my love for Idaho, and trying to weed out the really troubled individuals that just happened to stumble on this page by chance and say anything and everything as annoying as possible for the sake of thier own personal rush. Mean people, PLEASE LEAVE!!! Not you, bored, I see your viewpoint all too clearly. Someone, if not a group of individuals, needs psychological assistance to ween out thier primal aggressions due to a maladjusted childhood. Seek therapy, my twisted friend(s)!!!

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from boredAug 04 2001 - 22:03

i cant believe it's been 2 weeks since i checked this site and it's still the same boring crap, blah blah blah, you suck, blah blah blah, ben's mean. Can we please get back to the music?
don't you patrol your own web page anymore jeff? why not simply delete the dumb stuff like this and keep it to the music?

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from JKAug 04 2001 - 08:34

Ben, youre just lost, thats all. You need direction. Not trying to be mean, its just that you always are.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from the guyAug 03 2001 - 15:55


RE: Levitate on ebay? | from BenjaminAug 03 2001 - 14:06

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from JKAug 03 2001 - 01:49

By the way, Ben, Dale runs the label that Idaho is on and is a very nice person. Ive met her at shows in Chicago, and people like her are far and few between. Lets hear your brand of humor, big ben, and we can either judge and chastize your humor, or let it slide like any normal HUMAN BEING might do. Find a good therapist if you already havent, and learn the craft of non-judgement, or if you really must, go to church, as you seem like the type that needs one, if not both.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from Steve O.Aug 02 2001 - 15:33

Mommy didn't love ya enough huh? Benny??? Get laid once and a while my friend. You sound a little frustrated or just maybe a little constipated. Only Ben knows for sure. Stay tuned....


Steve O.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from BenAug 02 2001 - 14:25

Good one, Ross. Your post is completely devoid of humor, just as Dale (and everyone else, apparently) would have it.

Keep 'em comin', folks, and keep 'em dry. We have serious business to take care of here, from what I understand.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from RossAug 02 2001 - 12:29

I think what you did is totally cool Andy.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from GSAug 02 2001 - 11:04

Why doesn't Idaho hook up with the bookers at the El Mocambo in Toronto, where they played on the HOP tour? I'm sure someone there has the info.

If not, I'm good friends with the booker at the Rivoli, a very cool live music club with a capacity ideal for Idaho (judging by the size of their turnout last time). If you'd like this information, email me at tngbs@hotmail.com.

Thanks, Greg

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from daleAug 01 2001 - 23:21

thanks for all the attention this ebay thing has gotten we will be doing pre-orders on LEVITATE about two or so weeks before it's actuaul release.

also we are looking for some good east coast and canadian clubs to play so leave me some posts on that and spare me the "just kidding" type . i'm a working girl and haven't the patience for those with too much spare time!

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from who?Aug 01 2001 - 19:07

Ben has always been a human's rear quarters, or maybe even a lower form of animal's hind area.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from MORONAug 01 2001 - 18:33

ben is an ass

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from AndyAug 01 2001 - 15:51


I got that in a jar on my mantle.

Thanks anyway.


RE: Levitate on ebay? | from BenAug 01 2001 - 15:04

40 bucks? I wouldn't. Idaho's great and all, but 40 bucks? Get real.

Hey Andy, I've got piece of lent that flew off Jeff's shirt one time when he was playing live. I'll sell it to you for one hundred ninety dollars and sixty-seven cents. Let me know, buddy.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from AndyAug 01 2001 - 14:45

I paid $17.60 for my copy and I would definitely pay more than $40.00 for anything offered on Idaho's site that I didn't have already.


RE: Levitate on ebay? | from brianAug 01 2001 - 13:54

$40 for the Levitate advance cd. thats understandable if you MUST have it early (which is nice sometimes) but come on $40 bucks being given to a wholesaler who wants nothing more than to make a profit when that $40 could have gone to help Idahomusic out, to promote the album, to get the site online, to tour.
i will almost bet that the 2 people who bid it up that high would never spend $40 on Idaho merchandise on this site, unless of course it was for sale on here early.

just for everyone knows, if Dale, John, Jeff or the lawyers for Idaho wanted to, all of these advance sales could be stopped by contacting ebay since advance and promo items are not suppose to be sold, as stated in ebay's listing policies for music. the seller would also be warned and if continues, removed from ebay.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from Matthew E.Aug 01 2001 - 08:26

This is a great message board. Jeff told me he recognized my name from the board when I saw Idaho at the Southgate House in Kentucky.
It was surprising when I saw the newest Red House Painters album going for about $30 on ebay from the same seller as above a couple weeks before it was released, so it is less shocking to hear about the Idaho album there. I guess they have it down as a regular part of their business.
It's uplifting to know that there are bands out there (or one band out there) that have the power to inspire fandom as strong as my own... Pay Jeff for the ebay CD??? That's really decent.
Yeah, screwing over Idaho that way would feel like I were borrowing money from a friend with no intention of paying it back.
Can't wait to hear the new album.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from AndyJul 31 2001 - 19:05

I actually won one of the auctions
on Ebay....I plan to send Jeff the money for my copy. Just let me know how much I owe you - Jeff, John, Dale???? I have already got people emailing me for copies...That makes me sick and it's against the law to boot. Being in a band and knowing how people can screw you royally a la napster, I would never do that. So Jeff...acutally I'll email you personally.


RE: Levitate on ebay? | from AdamJul 30 2001 - 23:08

Ben, you ridin' the short bus?

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from BenjaminJul 30 2001 - 22:12

Uh, Dan, I heard that album two months ago when someone sold me a promo of it for three dollars and twenty-five cents, so your raves are unnecessary.

I'm kidding. I've not heard it.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from danJul 30 2001 - 17:34

I was over in Idaho-land this weekend and got a sneak peek at 'Levitate'. I can safely say that everyone is in for a really nice treat. It sounds amazing.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from Steve O.Jul 27 2001 - 15:08

I put my bid in. Hehehehehe

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from BenJul 27 2001 - 13:36

Why aren't promotional copies just put into a boring sleeve with nothing but song titles and band info? That would be harder to sell.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from dEJul 27 2001 - 08:47

I bit tangential, Ross, but your point is not lost.

It's a simple questions of ethics.

Obviously we're staring down a new technological era of information dissemination, be it simple communications or an end-around to traditional commerce.

Scrupleless opportunists are omnipresent. If there is an easier or cheaper way to do something, you had better believe these opportunists will flock to it... no matter the ill-effects.

It's just a new way to do the same thing, but now you don't have to leave the house.

I don't purport to have a solution to any of this... just that the problem's always been there.

Now it seems the computer is taking it to a whole new level and a whole new audience... a level that can sometimes blur the ethics and consequences and a audience that can now conduct their "business" in a nameless, faceless environment.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from RossJul 27 2001 - 06:17

Alright, I totally admit that I've been to the second hand music shops and I've seen promotional copies of stuff. I think what really bugs me, and which I was completely unable to effectively express, was my dissapointment with something on a larger scale.

I'm not going to lie to you, I'm hardly objective in this instance, but whoever sold the CD was a journalist or writer, who, it is my guess, was probably going to write a revue of Levitate. So that person knows the deal. They know the industry in which they are influencers, they know what role they play within the music business. What really bothers me is that, despite the efforts of the musicians to create a record and offer up a free copy of their latest work, in hope of a review, what the writer was most excited about was $10. Who knows that person might make $30, or $40, I don't know.

Maybe I'm being way too idealistic, but people wonder why north american "culture" is so vapid, I mean look at the true story behind this situation; the writer whose position (idealistically) is to promote and motivate cultural involvement was mostly stoked about making $10 profit.

I'm apologise if I'm being unreasonable, because I know it's and industry. I know Idahomusic is a company. But I have to stop at the music, that's art, and I don't care what anyone says, music, art, those are not products. They are complete intagibles, with no true capitalistic intention - at least not in their inception. A lot of pop music has become that, scaled and measured, but there's still a lot of true art, or culture if you will, out there right now.

I just wish people would just look a little beyond their wallets, and consider that something larger is at stake.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from BenJul 26 2001 - 23:06

Steve Albini makes the press pay for Shellac promo copies, which is pretty funny. I realize lesser known bands don't have that option, and there should definitely be more strict enforcement of the "promotional use only" stamp.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from daleJul 26 2001 - 20:04

yeah, i think we have all been in a used record store but do most people think that when they buy a used record from an ultra indie they effect the band whose records they are buying. i am not saying not to shop used i am just saying that sometimes as in a case like this it effects us.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from BenJul 26 2001 - 13:40

Can't believe that? Ever been to a used record store? Promo city, wall to wall.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from RossJul 26 2001 - 05:45

People suck so much. I think that's so dirty. No account. I feel so shitty about that, guys. I'll buy an extra copy.

I'm sorry, I just can't fucking believe that.

RE: Levitate on ebay? | from daleJul 25 2001 - 19:05

hi adam,
thank you so much for telling us.
it is so wrong of people that get advanced copies for review to turn around and try to make a buck off of us.
we are a super small label and could use all the sales we can get in order to keep making records.
i will get off my high horse.
thanks again,
label girl

What's doing??? | from AdamJul 25 2001 - 12:50

I've just seen "levitate" advertised on ebay.com for $0.01. Item # 1449786315

I e-mailed the seller (Marie at one cent CDs), and apparently it's the full album, no promo etc. etc.

Jeff - What's the deal??

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