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RE: Yo Jeff! | from J. BerryJul 22 2001 - 03:46

Mr.Ross, How Dee doo.
To answer your question:no. Not yet. I don't mean to be cagey, It's just that the what and the when are subject to vast fluctuations of circumstance.
Things really come togather when we start working on them.We are still working on everything for LEVITATE. But I'd be happy to talk to you later about it.

B-sides and rare tracks record... | from RossJul 19 2001 - 11:44

Are there any details you can tell us about this record (ie. when it might be released, and what would appear on it, etc.)?

RE: Yo Jeff! | from J. BerryJul 19 2001 - 00:55

Sorry dude, that's not going to happen. But don't blame Jeff, it's my fault.However, it will be released on an upcoming record of rare and unreleased songs. I'll see if there's anything else we can do instead.

Star | from AndyJul 18 2001 - 18:21

Hey Jeff,

I seem to remember that you said that you where gonna put up a MP3 of "star" on the site. Any chance of this still happening?


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