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Atmosphere of recording

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RE: The Mystery of Alas. | from jeffJun 02 2001 - 10:38

frankly, i hardlly even remember making that album...it happend so fast ...much like this new one. the fact that most of it was recorded live to a tape deck lends to its feel....there is something erie about it that i cant pinpoint i guess

RE: The Mystery of Alas. | from eraserheadJun 01 2001 - 22:19

i agree. that album has someting very
unique about it. beautifully solid.

Atmosphere of recording | from RossJun 01 2001 - 12:04


I was listening to Alas while drinking a fruit shake, this morning before work, when I had a realisation.

I always found that Alas was a bit of an oddity, among the other albums, for reasons I could never quite put my finger on. The songs are magnificent (you'll get to the bottom of this / run but you ran / leaves upon the water = chills), like on other albums, but something is noticeably different about Alas. And the more I listened the closer I got to figuring it out.

Anyway, so this morning I realised that it's the record's atmosphere that makes it feel almost a bit odd. It's very tactile, one minute you feel a bit like you're sitting right there in the studio; and yet at other points it's wide open, as you feel as though your listening from far, far away. It sounds kind of haunted.

What, if anything, can you tell us about the creation of Alas that may have differed from the other Idaho records that gave it this 'peculiar' feel to it? Do you sometimes set out on a record trying to convey some kind of feeling or atmosphere, or is it always a natural occurance?

Just something I had to ask.

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