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C-Clamp "Longer Waves"

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RE: C-Clamp | from robMay 30 2001 - 21:41

I totally agree about SDRE. The newest album sucks so hard! There are a couple of OK tunes on "How it feels..." though. Long live Idaho.

RE: C-Clamp | from ashleyMay 30 2001 - 09:55

yeah, i saw euphone open for SDRE last fall in madison, wi. nick was playing bass for them on that tour.. i was really surprised to see that, but i think i was even more surprised at how disappointing SDRE's performance was... for me, their music has just lost a lot of luster since the break-up...
thanks for the record finding lead..i'll be sure to check into that! thx

RE: C-Clamp | from www.bravingtheseabed.8k.comMay 29 2001 - 21:59

Hey Ashley!
I got my copy of "hex" on ebay... but I have noticed (recently) that it's available from Cheap CDS. Plus for those of you wanting "Year after year" and "The Palms", CC's has them listed too. www.cheap-cds.com
Thanks for those links. Nick Macri is filling in for Sunny Day Real Estate at the moment too.

RE: C-Clamp | from ashley b.May 29 2001 - 08:42

c-clamp is definately one of my faves...great texturual rhythm section there blends nicely with the vocals and hushed guitar work. rapsys is one of the most amazing drummers i've ever seen live, so i'm really looking forward to the new album.. 'euphone' is simply incredible live, you can watch 2 live shows they played in chicago at www.supersphere.com.. be sure to check those out.. also, macri and rapsys make up 2/3 of another amazing band called 'heroic doses'. i'm not certain if they're still together, but be sure to check out their record on subpop.. very catchy instrumental and at times hard rockin' guitar.. the other 1/3 is bill dolan of '5ive style' fame... oh yeah, 'bark psychosis' has become one of my recent favorites as well.. too bad 'hex' is impossible to find and, in my opinion, their best work (not that "game over" and "independency" are anything short of phenominal).. even gemm.com doesn't have any legit listings for it...any ideas on where i could find it, rob?

RE: C-Clamp | from robMay 26 2001 - 03:21

I also have the above releases (thanks for the tip though). the bass player is amazing. They are going to make a 3rd album with drummer Ryan Rapsys. He and the bass player (Nick Macri) have another band called Euphone.
If you like his bass playing... do you have "Hex" by Bark Psychosis?

RE: C-Clamp | from ehillMay 25 2001 - 23:27

i'v long enjoyed c-clamp. if you like longer waves i suggest you check out
meander and return and a 12" single called daylight savings. longer waves is
definitely my favorite. the bass player is awesome and really does some cool
layering with the guitarist. too bad the drummer left. i hope they continue
but it won't be the same. oh well.

C-Clamp "Longer Waves" | from RobMay 25 2001 - 20:29

Just wondering if any of you Idaho
fans have C-Clamp's "Longer Waves" album? I love it. Great textures and some really nice sad stuff going there.

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