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recording levitate

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RE: recording levitate | from robMay 20 2001 - 06:51

That sounds great.
I was actually very scared of protools 'til i heard what Idaho could do the it. I actually think that from " Forbidden" and on to "H.O.P"are your best recordings. I love the clarity on those records and they're warm too. Some artists wouldn't get away with it.. but in Idaho's case, you can deny a good SONG. No matter how you record it, you can't kill a good song. Anyway.. good luck with mixes. How many tracks? any titles?

RE: recording levitate | from jeffMay 19 2001 - 09:11

all of it was done on a pro tools which is a must for idaho now that its just me. lots of piano....not as much guitar painting as older records but im really happy with whats there.its being mixed now and we're bouncing most the tracks over to an old ampex MM1200 two inch 16 trk. ive rented a great sounding stereo tube compressor to mix thru called a fairman. its got something like 18 tubes in it.

recording levitate | from robMay 18 2001 - 18:41

Hi Jeff.
Just wondering what you were using this time?

Are you using pro-tools or did you get your tape machine working?

Also, Are you doing all the lead guitar work? I liked what you did on "This way out".
Any piano?

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