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Where do you tune to for far-reaching music?

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Where do you tune to for far-reaching music? | from Jenny T.Mar 11 2000 - 21:40

I'm not really from the area--but come into Boise from
La Grande to catch a show at the Neurolux or make the weekend rounds to the nightclubs.
I find it interesting that there appears to be no far-reaching
radio in the area. I guess KBSU may
cut loose a litle bit late night (can't pick them up in my area--heard they used to be quite adventuresome ten+years ago before the NPR thing happened). One night around one in the morning, some FM station played an old King Crimson album all the way through. I'd rather hear Throbbing Gristle, Nurse W/Wound, Half Japanese, Eugene Chadbourne, Gas Huffer, Gallon Drunk, Laibach, Supersister, Tackhead, Euphone, Bicycle Thief, Hawkwind, Quasi, you know--I get the vibe that the Record Exchange sells indie, obscure and local product like hotcakes, but what local radio stations push this stuff along?

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