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RE: some of you people are REALLY mean spirited | from eraserheadMar 16 2001 - 22:46

I love the harper valley pta reference
, that is just great. Don't worry
holli some people like to be judgemental
apon bands they like, rather than
realizing that they are just plain
mortals like us. Aside from the few,
most of us are just music loving

RE: some of you people are REALLY mean spirited | from adamMar 16 2001 - 14:18

I think you're digging up old dirt, in some respect. I think the whole Seta-Berry thing died when people realized how juvenile the whole comparison was. Fact is, nobody's contributing to that non-sense anymore, and that's a good sign. Remember, it's only natural for people who care as much about their music as Idaho fans do, to develop strong feelings about the art and the artists involved. But after the intitial knee-jerk defensive reactions, most fans can see the folly in trying to quantify intangibles, and pull away from the pointless argument.

RE: some of you people are REALLY mean spirited | from RossMar 16 2001 - 12:05

I don't know Holli. The way I figure it, you're not likely going to get responses from those who've, on a few too many occasions, have been lacking tact, not to mention respect for others. I think I may have myself bitched about it a couple times.

I found people were frankly unkind in that whole matter of Seta vs. Berry in this imagined broken glass taped to bare-knuckle, no-holds-barred, caged, grudge match of the century. That was really an eye opener for me. I thought anyone who listened to a band such as Idaho, would be a little more cerebral and less prone to blantant Harper Valley PTA rumor mill practises. It was a big disappointment for me to read some of those postings.

I really respect Dan Seta's work, and I felt so bad about what people had said about him. He was, at least, half responsible for some of the greatest guitar performances. I play guitar. And when I play, I try to play with the same feeling and quality of Idaho's later records. So, Dan Seta, someone out there really respects you and looks up to you as a musician. That is the effect of your work. People thousands of miles away listen to and love your music. It was never supposed to be a contest.

I don't know. I just wish people would talk more music and Idaho, and less gossip. I'll shut myself up, but please, if you respect the music, you should also respect those responsible for it, as well.

mean folks on the message board | from holliMar 16 2001 - 08:49


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