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RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from TonyFeb 18 2024 - 01:16

Hi friends, hi Jeff, hi Will, no worries about the response time, there are no emergencies my friend, for my part, I'm going to try to contact a YouTuber who has made interesting remasters of the first Nirvana shows (the 87/88 period when they were still called Ted Ed Fred) and Dave Grohl's first demo (Late!) to see if he would be interested in helping me remaster some IDAHO shows. Very nice little story about this recording at the Reckless store, thank you for this anecdote, it's always cool to know a little more about the history of a recording :)

RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from WillFeb 16 2024 - 22:52

Hey Tony! Sorry, just now checking back in on this. I do have the cassette somewhere still! I must’ve made the digital version, not sure how I even did it. But I think I was passing it around some back in the old old days of this message board. I’ll look around for my original mp3 rip and inspect it and pass it along. It was literally just a cheap-ish handheld cassette recorder, so audio probably is what it is. I think I literally ran down to the Walgreens and bought it minutes before they played. There’s actually the tail end of John Berry sarcastically threatening to kick my ass for bootlegging them at the very beginning of the recording if I recall!

RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from JeffJan 16 2024 - 18:19

To y!! Maya Rudolph went to the same high school as I and was dating Idaho’s bassist John Gold at the time. She just tagged along for the European part of the ‘00 tour and sang backup on some songs. She found out she got the SNL job while we were out there :)

RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from TonyJan 16 2024 - 17:22

Hi Will,

do you still have the recording of the show at Reckless? I remember finding this show on the web a long time ago but I'm not sure my source is the best, would it be possible for you to share this recording? I would like to see if it is possible to replace the current version with a better version.

Oh just for info, it's me who is behind this archive bandcamp page, to clarify a little the history of this bandcamp page, during the COVID period, I contacted Jeff to ask him for authorization to put this page online, we subsequently exchanged a little bit on this subject and with his agreement, this page saw the light of day, I was able to read here and there that the people who had visited it were wondering why the download was not active, to be clear, this is simply copyright, I am not the owner of these works, the purpose of this page is only to be a promotional tool for Jeff and IDAHO, my intention has always been with the aim of helping and not harming IDAHO, incidentally I wanted to create a music archive page that could properly respond to the archives contained on Brian Carter's site (SlidingPast), although the link was embedded in the previous version of the official IDAHO website (a big thank you to Jeff and Julien for that), Idaho Internet Music Archive (IIMA) was never really an official page but a fan page for fans, a little place allowing fans of Jeff's music to discover another side of IDAHO and to wait before the release of a new album. I would also like to point out that only the latest compilation can be downloaded given that it is made up of live tracks that were available on this forum a few years ago. That’s the little story of IIMA.


RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from WillJan 09 2024 - 19:45

Wow, how am I just finding out about this rarities bandcamp? Amazing to have all this stuff compiled. Curious about Maya Rudolph singing with you, Jeff. Was she on that whole 2000 tour? I saw you in Windsor and Chicago, so curious if she would’ve been at either.

Incidentally, I recorded that in-store at Reckless—cool see it pop up on this Bandcamp!

RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from TonyNov 05 2023 - 22:55

Thanks Jeff for the clarification, I updated the credits ;)

RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from Marco / Malk LionNov 05 2023 - 16:12

Thanks you so much for the link ?

RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from JeffNov 05 2023 - 15:40

That's Maya Rudolph on backing vocals on Bass Crawl track 6 :) She heard she got the job on SNL while on tour with us in 2000

RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from TonyNov 05 2023 - 15:16

Yup the last link was wrong, here is the good one, enjoy ! ;)


RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from TonyNov 05 2023 - 14:59

Hello friends,

To celebrate the vinyl reissue of TLG and those to come of Alas and The Forbbiden EP, a new compilation (downloadable this time) is born, this last one regroups songs recorded between 1998 and 2015, I apologize in advance for the quality because the sources were not the cleanest, I tried to do what I could to improve them but I’m not a sound engineer, just a web archivist lol A big thank you to Jeff for giving me his permission, I hope you enjoy despite the average quality.

Idaho - People Like Us Sholdn't Keep Old Tapes :


RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from TonyDec 22 2022 - 19:38

Hi friends :)

A little end-of-year gift from Jeff, a demo made in 1999 from the Hearts Of Palm recording sessions, thank you for everything Jeff ;)


RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from TonyMar 21 2021 - 09:41

Hi friends :)
I just updated the idahointernetmusicarchives page adding three songs on the Shielded From the Glances compilation, the songs are: Be My Friend, Structure (rehearsal 21) and The Power (rehearsal 21). Enjoy! ;)

RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from DaveDec 23 2020 - 08:34

Thanks for the reply Jeff. That's great news that another rarities collection is due. Been playing 'We Were Young And Needed The Money' this week, I love it. Hopefully individual tracks can be purchased from that Caroline LP box set for those who don't have a turntable, that is if Star and Hail Mary aren't already on the Idaho rarities comp. Looking forward to the documentary too. Is a new album still in the works?

RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from JeffDec 22 2020 - 19:10

Hello Dave!! I'm so glad you are digging the rarities. I really don't have anything to do with the page though. Tony, if i remember correctly, has his reasons for only allowing it to be streaming. Most of this stuff is going to come out in '21 on an Idaho unreleased record anyway so you will have to wait I guess?
Star and Hail Mary will be on the Arts&Crafts LP box site of all the Caroline records....hoping that's in '21 as well.

RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from DaveDec 22 2020 - 07:39

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for help in getting those audio rarities up on the archive page. As a CD user (yes, we still exist!) I've been trying to get hold of songs like the vinyl only Star & Hail Mary for so long. The archive songs are currently streaming only, are there any plans to make them available for download, either as 'pay what you like' or fixed price?

I realise that even this is a slightly outdated concept to many these days, but I still like to collect audio files for music that's unavailable on CD such as many of these random rarities, to play on my iPod whilst travelling, and in places where I can't rely on internet connection for streaming. I can't be the only one who would appreciate having the files to play rather than streaming them. Its great that they are up to stream for free, but I would happily support you in paying for these great archive collections to get them as downloads if the option was there.

RE: IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from amaraApr 08 2020 - 23:06

omg this is so exciting! ive wanted to listen to some of them for a while :)

IdahoMusic's mp3 archive bandcamp page | from TonyApr 01 2020 - 14:28

Hi friends,

A bandcamp page of audio archives was created (with the agreement of Jeff*), this page covers a period of more than 20 years (1992 - 2015), we find demos, b-sides, rarities, instrumentals and live shows with different line up (solo, duo, trio and quartet), you can find it here :


Enjoy !

*Once again, a huge thank you my friend ! :)

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