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Weight It Down origins

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RE: Weight It Down origins | from JeffMar 18 2022 - 20:30

Hello Tony!! Long time answering. Yes ...The Days cues, a few of them, are the beginnings of TLG songs.... not sure about YWAD? ep6 1m4 is not early "weigh it down" ...I double checked:) Definitely Art & Copy director Doug Pray pulled cues from The Days which I re-worked

Weight It Down origins | from TonyFeb 21 2020 - 09:18

Hi Jeff,

I just re-listened to "The Days" tracks and I'm still so pleasantly surprised to find that these tracks seem to be the genesis of a lot of things on TLG, YWAD and Art & Copy. Listening to the track "ep6 1m4" I wondered if it was an early version of "Weight It Down", is that the case?

Thx in advance


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