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What reverse delay? And some random gear summary I've made.

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RE: What reverse delay? And some random gear summary I've made. | from RamónJan 11 2018 - 17:30

Also, forgot to say I saw a Moog somewhere too! It was the Model D if I'm not mistaken. In which songs/albums can we hear that?

Sorry for being this freak lol, I discovered Idaho 2 years ago and I'm still on the honeymoon phase, hope I can see them live soon! All these years living so close and never heard of this band makes me really mad/sad.

What reverse delay? And some random gear summary I've made. | from RamónJan 11 2018 - 17:25

Long shot but any of you guys know what Idaho used for all the reverse delay? I know Jeff recently called on his Instagram account the montreal assembly 'Count To 5' pedal an "Idaho in a box", and hope to hear that in the upcoming albums :)

But what did he/they used before? Like in Levitate, man that reverse is hypnotic!

And then some random gear notes I've made when searching for some specific things, and some still remain unclear, like what exact version of the Big Muff they used, and if the Sustainiac is the same on every record.

Gear: Big Muff. Ram's Head, Triangle or V3 NYC?
Years/albums: 2001 - Levitate

What kind of guitar and amp was used in the song "On the Shore?" Specifically, the one with the sustain/distortion effects. Very subtle yet beautiful. That sound is so Idaho and is incredible.

From Jeff:
its a customs built 4 string guitar....the main thin that makes that part cool though is the big muff pedal. its one of original silver ones with the pi symbol on it.... anything later sucks. i dont really remember the amp used...it was either a VOX AC30 or a fender deluxe with a bulldog speaker. thanks for asking my friend :)

Link: http://messageboard.idahomusic.com/topic.php?topic_id=2084
Date: 2001 (Levitate)

From Dan:
The most current setup in reverse order is a 64 fender deluxe, a roland space echo 501 or 301 depending on which one is working, a mxr phase 90, an old electro harmonix big muff pi (really old, without all of the kooky 70's graphics)

Link: http://messageboard.idahomusic.com/topic.php?topic_id=8
Date: Mar 01 2000

From Dan:
Our guitar setups are forever changing. Currently I play through an early 60s Fender Deluxe. I use an Ernie
Ball volume pedal, a Fulltone Fulldrive 2, an old Rat, a very old Electro Harmonix NYC Big Muff Pi

Link: http://messageboard.idahomusic.com/topic.php?topic_id=8
Date: Wed May 12 1999


Gear: Eventide Harmonizer (H3000)
Years/albums: 1993 - Year After Year

Question :
I'm also really curious how you got those cool ambient textures on "Let's Cheat Death." Any secrets?

From Jeff:
if im not mistaken"let's cheat death" is just john berry playing slide on a 6 string tuned to something odd. he was just making noise and i( or marty brumbach) pushed record...this was back in early '93 so ? maybe it has a little bit of eventide harmonizer on it....the setting might have been called"thick loop"?? we used that sound on feedback guitars a lot in those days

Link: http://messageboard.idahomusic.com/topic.php?topic_id=8
Date: March 01 2000


Gear: Vox AC30
Years/albums: Everything until 2003?

From Jeff:
im selling the vox ac30 that has been the MAIN amp on every idaho record.

Link: http://messageboard.idahomusic.com/topic.php?topic_id=1149
Date: July 01 2003
Note: Final price: $2026.99...not bad.


Gear: Sustainiac Model C
Year/albums: 2015 - The Broadcast of Disease?

Sustainiac Model C?

I believe it is a Model C.
I'm shooting to mix the record in January and release in the spring of '13. The songs are really turning out great.

Date: Aug 31 2012
Source: A picture on Idaho's Facebook account.

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