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Incubate Tilburg

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RE: Incubate Tilburg | from BartlebySep 23 2015 - 10:07

Impressive set full of sonorous multitasking, Jeff!

The minor technical glitches added to the thickness of this seated experience, instead of diminish it.

Looking forward to hearing some of that new material make it on a next record - especially some of those new guitar textures and spoken word (!) ruminations.

RE: Incubate Tilburg | from BartlebySep 18 2015 - 14:42

P.S. Anyone else going to the Tilburg Show?

It'll be the last day of the multi-venue Incubate festival all over Tilburg City and Idaho will be "opening" for Meg Baird, Great Lake Swimmers, Giant Sand, Wire and ...the great William Basinski, one of Eno's heirs. Maybe see you at that last late show, Jeff?

Incubate Tilburg | from BartlebySep 18 2015 - 14:39

Looking forward to seeing your solo show at Incubate this Sunday, Jeff.

Been more than 10years since you and John gave me a ride back to Brussels when you were playing out in the Flanders sticks in mid Winter!

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