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Europe September 2015

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RE: Europe September 2015 | from DamienSep 28 2015 - 05:34

So glad you're (finally) back to Paris for a concert.

Friday seems so far away ... and so close ...

Idahopsongs planned for this solo show?
In any case, I am sure it will be great.

I hope we have the opportunity to enjoy a drink before or after the concert. I invite!

See you.

RE: Europe September 2015 | from FredSep 10 2015 - 00:22

If you are still looking for eu gigs in october I'll love to have you at my tiny venue Vevey/Switzerland.
You'll find contact information there, or you could provide me an email.

RE: Europe September 2015 | from Battle RonJul 25 2015 - 05:02

Screw Europe (hehehehe), come to Ohio. We can play a show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland or at Brothers Drake in Columbus. And by "we" I mean Idaho with opening act The Battle!!! ;-)

RE: Europe September 2015 | from JeffJul 01 2015 - 08:55

Hi Dan!!! Trying trying to get more shows.....not easy. Idaho has been out of the picture for so long added with the fact that I'm just playing solo.
Venues are just not into it. May have to wait till the full band supports the next record out in '16. There are a couple of possibilities for Paris and Metz. Should know soon :)

Europe September 2015 | from Dan T.Jun 23 2015 - 04:47

...any plans for any other European / UK dates around September, Jeff ?

I see you're down for Incubate Festival in the Netherlands on the 20th September ( http://incubate.org/2015/line-up )

It's been too long...

Dan T.

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