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RE: How To Make The Cruelest Month | from DaveFeb 17 2001 - 23:21

Aren't some of the excerpts in the
MP3, sampler (For Kip) taken from
soundtrack? Like the part with the
accordion? Jeff, did you play that
accordion? I just borrowed my
grandpa's accordion and I only
messed around with it for a few
minutes, but I made it sound like
poop and I didn't even know how to
hold the damn thing. It was a lot
of fun though.

Was that you with the accordion,
Jeff? Any possible release of that

RE: How To Make The Cruelest Month | from williamFeb 17 2001 - 05:25

neither the soundtrack nor the film have been released as of yet, at least the last i heard. if you scroll down in the messages to the subject of 'soundtrack' there's a little info from jeff himself about it.

score | from peteFeb 16 2001 - 10:29

I was at the Blue Ribbon Ball in Athens, Ga last summer, representing WUSC-FM in Columbia, SC when I, by chance, Idaho playing with Trans Am. All I can say is that they blew me and the two unsuspecting DJs I was there with away. There we were, drinking fifty-cent cans of PBR, mesmerized by the band on stage and the music they were playing. Since that day, I have been on the lookout for Idaho stuff. I only have Hearts of Palm, Three Sheets and This Way Out as of yet, but I'm working on the rest. I'm just wondering something. I read somewhere that Jeff did the score for an indie film called 'How to Make the Cruelest Month'. Does anyone know where to find a copy, or if a cd was even released? Thanks to anyone who can help.

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