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review | from jonxFeb 19 2014 - 14:17

first, let me say im a huge idaho fan and i was looking to pick up yet another copy of "this way out" on amazon. at the bottom of five glowing reviews, i found this one and thought u (or even jeff) might get a kick out of it...
"First I want to say that this CD was given to me as a gift so no money was spent on it by me and as I have never heard of this band before just let me say thank god for that! I don't know if this is their first music CD but this stuff is terrible. The lyrics don't flow with the music and the lead singers tone and voice is really bad. I listened to each cut for about 45 seconds and I could take no more! This CD is now in the Possession of a thrift store and pity the next owner!"

-hilarious! i love how one persons' fav band is anothers' kryptonite. keep making great music jeff! cheers!

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