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RE: ROLL CALL! | from jwSep 08 2013 - 03:32

i never said much here, but i was always lurking, with crushed flowers in my hair and a dangerous shimmer in my eyes. i too miss the days when this message board was a-hoppin'. there was a lot of great discourse here. maybe there will be again, once my evil plan to bring down twitterbook and facebox comes to fruition.

Board Member Roll Call | from cAug 24 2013 - 10:14

Greetings! It would seem that in these days of Facebook, Twitter, and other sorts of social media, "yesterday's" types of internet communication are viewed as passe. Unfortunately, it may be fair to say that this message board falls into the latter category. This is grossly unfair, as this message board, at one time, was unquestionably the most entertaining forum on the internet... though that time has passed, it would be unjust to forget the colorful cast of characters that once graced this board. Former members, if you are reading this, stand up and be counted! Alex Niedt, Lurch, BlueAstronaut, M2, Ron, Alan Meat, Jr Olsson, Nope, Pantsy McDoodles, and the like - show your faces! Don't be shy! Let us all, as true Idaho fans, reclaim our old stomping grounds!

Best wishes,

c, aka Musical Scientist aka Cagain aka Bored.

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