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Oil Painting

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RE: TWO Oil Painting | from brianMar 21 2011 - 12:16

that's awesome.

RE: TWO Oil Painting | from JeffMar 21 2011 - 08:09

Wow michael !!

Really effin' cool :)

RE: TWO Oil Painting | from TonyMar 20 2011 - 12:33

wow! your work is impressive Michel, your painting looks like a real
photography, it's a really beautiful piece.

Oil Painting | from michelMar 20 2011 - 08:15

quite happy today while looking for smt on the attic i bumped into my lost this way out oil painting.. all dusty and forgotten. made that early 1997, not great or anything but lovely enough to show it on the board:) surely will clean, varnish and frame it to be put up in my little music room!
uploaded a pic of it at http://www.thesaurus.co.nl/painting.jpg

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