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RE: Scotland. | from az galJan 13 2011 - 14:13

I have a friend that just relocated to London and I need to take a long visit so any info on UK dates would be much appreciated I'd need to plan early thx

RE: Scotland. | from bmJan 12 2011 - 12:00

Shit hot! Count me in for a scottish date.

RE: Scotland. | from JamieDec 07 2010 - 07:08

Good news dude! I'll be there!

RE: Scotland. | from jeffDec 06 2010 - 10:34

yes yes!! I will remind sean at talitres records to see if whoever is going to book our '11 tour can finally get us back to the UK

Scotland | from JamieDec 05 2010 - 17:05

Hey Jeff

Any plans to hit Scotland with the new tour? preferably Glasgow sir.


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