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The Dead Pirates - 'Wood'

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RE: The Dead Pirates | from keithSep 09 2010 - 19:23

thanks dude!

RE: The Dead Pirates | from jwSep 09 2010 - 18:21

the first unintelligible bit before the singing starts sounds like he's saying, "welcome, baby!" though i can't be sure. and the rest you've got there sounds right. the one bit you couldn't make out in the middle sounds to me like, "and you remember having fun, but never close to see some skin." i dig the animation. it's nice to see a music video that isn't the typical "look at me shaking my cleavage on a cloud" or "look at us pretending to play our instruments while making constipated facial expressions" drivel.

The Dead Pirates - 'Wood' | from KeithSep 03 2010 - 17:02

If anyone hasn't seen/heard this song/music video
check it out right now!
Anyway my real purpose here is that I am trying to figure out the lyrics of the song.
It's four lines with something unintelligible before the lyrics start.
Here's what I think I've figured out of the lyrics:

*(Something unintelligible)
1: I met you in a private club, you seemed to be pretty good looking, woman.
2: And you remember *unknown unknown something* skin!
3: You started moving up and down, I guess you know what you are doing, woman.
4: We wait for you to come around and we will let our guitars speak!

*= I have no idea
the rest of it, I could be way off the mark.
If anyone can help please shoot me an email.
And seriously, check out The Dead Pirates first EP. Wicked Stuff.

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