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influences, feelings, sappy-shit

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RE: great outdoors | from adamFeb 06 2001 - 09:07

wow. Good to see that there are also morons that like Idaho. I'd hate to think it was an elitist club.......

RE: great outdoors | from Billy BobFeb 05 2001 - 23:29

Great outdoors ? I like the Mojave
desert at 3:00 A.M. while listening to Lou reed's "Metal Machine Music". The romantic crackling of a gasoline/tire fire under the Milky Way. Not to mention
Psychotic hallucinations,Ducktape,
a Butane torch and YOU. . . a complete stranger.

RE: great outdoors | from chrisFeb 03 2001 - 08:05

i wonder if jeff, dan et. al laughed as hard as i did while reading the above posts...

RE: great outdoors | from holliFeb 02 2001 - 14:09

ash!!! i feel the same way! i LOVE stare at the sky. i've been rotating the same 5 idaho albums for a couple of months now and it's still my favorite song. i hear jeff's voice and i feel warm inside and happy and inspired. if i'm feeling good, the music boosts that and if i'm feeling down and want to stay that way i can wallow. if i'm down and don't want to be i can get lost in the music and i'm out of it in no time.
we had friends over last weekend who had never listened to idaho and we played everything we had and they fell in love with it. the moment was beautiful and the music was perfect.

RE: great outdoors | from peteFeb 01 2001 - 05:31

Idaho does seem to capture that 'great wide open' kind of thing, but I feel that there also a few instances where Jeff manages to get an urban feel really coming on strong. A few of the crunchier, spikier tunes have that sense of being lost in an infinity of other people, which I think is a uniquely urban thing. I guess its because they seem to create panoramas - a musical vision that doesn't just encompass a purely lyrical or purely rhythmic mood but a sense of the whole landscape instead. Rock on.

RE: great outdoors | from adamJan 31 2001 - 11:14

Dead on. My family had an island in northern Ontario when I was growing up, and my fave music (particularly Idaho) always reminds me of the way I felt when I was in those types of environments.

influences, feelings, sappy-shit | from ashJan 31 2001 - 11:09

your music really gives me a similar feeling to that which i get while outside on a warm summer evening after sunset, or listening to the soft whisper of the wind through a thick grove of pines.. i get a very natural and clean aura from what you have and share with us all. perhaps there are others here on the list who feel the same way i do..hopefully they'll contribute to this discussion too.. i think 'stare at the sky' is perhaps my fav. and does the best job for me in creating what i'm talking about... very air-y, plenty of room to soar and float... i recall asking you last fall if you'd ever play it live.. i'd love to see you guys play it on this summer's tour, any more thought into that? i'm curious to find out if you spend a lot of time outside doing things.., hiking, camping, etc and if this is an influence to you and your music. i've heard you refer to natural things as influences for you in response to the question about your musical influences, but i guess i just more curious as to how you see it. i am quite 'outdoor-sy' and enjoy spending as much time outside as i can.. esp. since becoming confinded to a desk job behind a computer all day... i had a virtual goldmine in my backyard growing up with 40 acres of forest behind my house as a kid. i think that your music can take me back to those places i used to play when i was younger as fast as it takes to insert a cd and press play....

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