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What is the story behind the words the female vocalist says?

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RE: Yesterday's Unwinding - Second Half? | from robDec 14 2009 - 03:31

ah, I like that interpretation. i feel like many idaho songs have a bit of stream-of-conscious about them, so this explanation is consistent.

there's just something eerie/not quite right about this particular part of the track. don't get me wrong, i love it. the lyrics seem more specific that usual for idaho, and i've gotten it into my head that there's some crazy story here.

RE: Yesterday's Unwinding - Second Half? | from jwDec 11 2009 - 03:59

i think i remember reading an interview from around the time of "alas" where jeff said that it was a spoken word bit that melissa did. i'm not sure if it was something she came up with herself spontaneously, but i seem to remember that being the implication---that it was just one of those happy moments of inspiration that happen while recording. on the subject of "alas", i've always loved the sound of her voice and jeff's harmonizing on that album, and was kind of sad that she seemed to employ a completely different vocal sound/tone when she went on to record as a solo artist.

What is the story behind the words the female vocalist says? | from RobDec 10 2009 - 01:45

It's always been one of my absolute favorite minutes in Idaho's catalog. It sounds like it's an excerpt from a movie, but I don't think that it is. Does anyone know the story behind this?

You know, the part that goes:

He said he'd take that cupid head
And clean that surface off
I asked him, what, a q-tip?
No no, a cupid head
See he always thinks he's got me figured out
But I don't know a q-tip from a cupid

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