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Prior Message re What Guitar

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RE: prior message re "What Guitar?" | from averyFeb 17 2009 - 22:27


i noted that the guitar that looked like a tele was actually a 4-string (tenor?) guitar. Is it a modified Tele?

Prior Message re What Guitar | from AveryFeb 16 2009 - 23:13

Jeff. Thanks for the reply to that prior message of a few weeks past. I moved and was burried in work/getting unpacked. I was the one who asked about the gear used in the studio version of "On the Shore." I was asking becaue I'm contemplating getting back into the guitar. Coincidentally, I saw your Big Sur video and noticed (John?) playing a Telecaster along with a pedal and what appeared to be a fender amp. I was surprised (pleasantly) to see the Tele. I had my eye on the Mexican version with a maple neck. Anyway, thanks for the kind reply!


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