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What sampler do you use...

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RE: Samplers.... | from robMar 31 2001 - 02:37

and the akai mpc2000 is very reasonable nowadays too. yeah, good choice, very good for on the fly stuff, very intuitive. must admit i prefer stuff like that to rack mount equipment. I used to be into synths with all the editing you could ever do, but nowadays my weapon of choice is a Yamaha P80 piano - pure presets, simple and very good, solid piano sounds(though of course a real piano would be great, but sadly impractical for me)
also have a roland vintage keys thing (mellotrons/solina strings... nice!) but it's preset too. i prefer the ease of use, and in any case synths are just so derivative these days.. not like in the good ol analogue days i guess...

RE: Samplers.... | from noahMar 29 2001 - 11:25

I use the akai mpc2000. i love it. I do mostly hip-hop style stuff on it, but have also used it to accompany me with guitar stuff.

RE: Samplers.... | from robMar 25 2001 - 11:02

Hi Andy, not Jeff I'm afraid, but i know a little bit about samplers....

Thankfully, since the very limited S01, samplers are now much much cheaper to buy than they were back then. Mostly this is due to the fall in memory prices and all the usual things affecting computer hardware.

look for
EMU ESI4000 ( i think that's correct) or the older ESI32 - all with generous spec, and if you go 2nd hand the owner will have expanded the machine already (these are all at least 32 note poly compared to the S01's paltry 8 notes)

Akai is good lower end of the scale, but EMU samplers have really good filters (so you can really get interesting new sounds)
it used to be that Akai was the one you went for everytime, but also consider Yamaha. their machines from the last few years are very good. here in england (were it's always more expensive for electrical stuf) a lot of the lower range samplers such as the EMUs now go for about £800, but when you consider the equivalent used to go for £2000 + then you can see how good it's getting.

don't forget - you can turn your pc into a brilliant sampler too.. Cubase VST (i think!) may well help you, and you can turn your pc into a hard disk recorder with effects and soft synth too! - it's a glorified soundcard - and then some! and over here it's only £200

god, there's loads of choice these days, but i think you'll like EMU if you still want a standalone machine. make sure you get one with a SCSI connection for hard drive / cd rom etc

oh and plenty of onboard RAM

hope this helps.. i too wonder what Jeff uses - i hadn't thought of the band using them till i read your post!


What sampler do you use... | from AndyJan 29 2001 - 17:50

Hi Jeff. Just wanted to ask what kind of sampler you use. I am in the market for one but have limited knowledge regarding the subject. I borrowed an Akai S01 from a friend. It's about 11 years old. It's ok but by today's standards - it is ancient. I Only used it to loop drums sampled off of some old Instructional drum teaching records. I really want to get a sampler where I can layer multiple sounds. I have seen one that retails around $800.00 (also made by Akai.) that looks pretty good. I just wanted to get some feedback. All welcome.



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