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same again please Bob | from GerardJan 25 2001 - 05:56

Jeff - I was wondering what has most influenced your lyrics, in terms of musical or literary precedents. Although I imagine most of them are personal memories that have no place on a message board, I am curious as to what writers you rate and whether they have influenced your lyrical style. From a reading of some of the lyrics I would hazard a guess that you enjoy Beat-type stuff and maybe a bit of the Gonzo journalism thing as well. Apart from those cultural milestones what else has influenced your style?

I'm quite interested in the way in which musicians lyrically interact with other artists - the way in which a line can be drawn from Dylan to Keats or Morrissey to Larkin. Jon Beard from little-known Scouser band 'Hair suit' expressly tries to incorporate Cormac Macarthy and Umberto Eco ideas in his lyrics, not always successfully. Are there any books or films you enjoy that you use for ideas or metaphors?

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