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especially in mah drawers!

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RE: Fires, fires, everywhere... | from susan331Jul 29 2008 - 13:47

Wow, I'm nice and late with this reply, huh? It's much better now up here though 10,000 people were evacuated up in Butte County a couple of weeks ago. My best friend's husband was up on the front lines fighting the blazes up in Mendocino (the Green Triangle) for weeks and all that smoke was blowing down here. Now you can go outside without choking and your eyes burning.

Did you feel the EQ today? I heard it was felt all the way up to Bakersfield, fock!

RE: Fires, fires, everywhere... | from jeffJun 29 2008 - 10:42

ill be going to napa for the 4th. is it still all gloom and doom up there?

especially in mah drawers! | from susan331Jun 24 2008 - 15:27

Hey jeffy, does your pops still have his winery up in Napa? Is he affected by the fires? You would not believe the conditions up here. It's eerily cloudy and you can barely see the sun save for a little orange ball in the sky. The air is horribly acrid inside and out as we've got blazes burning on the east and west. They said there were 90 lightning strikes in tahoe national forest alone this weekend, fock! The smoke is enough to incite diabolical headaches but it's $2.50 pint night at the local brewhouse. what to do?!

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