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idaho similarities?

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RE: emmylou harris | from ChrisJul 23 2001 - 14:06

An unfortunate consequence of Daniel
Lanois's production expertise is that
his solo work is underappreciated.
A good place to start is For the Beauty
of Wynona, which is an astonishing
guitar record. Acadie is also good, but
pretty conventional. His soundtrack
work is first-rate, especialy on
Sling Blade. With just a handful of
notes he manages to convey emotions
that deepens the film considerably.
I have found that listening to the
soundtrack - especially Lanois's work -
is nearly the equivalent of seeing the movie.
That says a lot about his power.

He's done plenty more - check out
allmusic.com for the whole story.

RE: emmylou harris | from fudlowJul 22 2001 - 12:44

Dan Lanois is a great musician, as well as producer. He produced and played on Peter Gabriel's albums, not sure which ones, but i know quite a few, and damned if I'm wrong that he also worked with Brian Eno on a few or more. If anyone knows some other stuff that Lanois did, please let us know. Im very curious personally. Anyways, back to my ice water.

RE: emmylou harris | from dmJul 22 2001 - 02:48

If you've never experienced emmylou harris, there's no time like the present with Red Dirt Girl. She is as vital and as vibrant an artist now as she was 28 years ago. She took the Daniel Lanois sound from Wrecking Ball which was so very well received and added yet another twist by recording in a similar style, but to her own (self-penned) songs. And they are stunners.

RE: emmylou harris | from TomJan 28 2001 - 11:09

"Wrecking Ball" is an excellent record. Larry Mullen from U2 plays drums on the title track.

Also, Daniel Lanois has several solo records out. You should hear "Sleeping In the Devil's Bed," which appears on the "Until the End of the World" soundtrack. Great stuff.

If you like Daniel Lanois and Idaho, I'd suggest "The Unforgettable Fire" by U2. Great album, probably the closest they'll ever get to... well, I don't want to say shoegazer, but something like that.

RE: emmylou harris | from Seth HowardJan 24 2001 - 23:49

She is awesome live! I had the good fortune of being taken to one of her shows a few years ago (after much resistance), and was blown away. I don't have the new record yet (I'm a little wary of any record that features Dave Matthews as a guest), but I should probably get over it and check it out.

Wrecking Ball is the ultimate Sunday evening record for coming to terms with the inevitable, unpleasant reality of work/school the following day.

P.S. - Buddy Miller (her live guitar player) is no slouch either!

RE: emmylou harris | from adamJan 24 2001 - 15:11

daniel lanois is awesome.

RE: emmylou harris | from williamJan 24 2001 - 14:21

dan~what are some other good examples of daniel lanois' playing you could recommend? i like his work on the 'sling blade' soundtrack, but have heard other things that did less for me. also, have heard good things about emmylou harris record 'wrecking ball', can you recommend it? i may buy both it and the new one when i get some extra cash...

RE: emmylou harris | from danJan 24 2001 - 13:45

Funny you should mention that. I really love that record and I love Daniel Lanois' playing. There was an amazing sessions at west 54th with he and emmylou harris that was absolutely stunning. I aspire to speak through my guitar the same way he does.

idaho similarities? | from williamJan 24 2001 - 09:52

anybody else heard emmylou harris' latest record "red dirt girl". i was checking it out on the listening station at barnes & noble the other day amd i'll be damned if the title track doesn't have a total Idaho feel to it. check it out if you get a chance and see if you agree...

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