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RE: wishing tree comp | from christianAug 08 2001 - 05:16

i wasn't crazy about stayin' out in front at first, but it has grown on me. i love that piano whirl at the beginning. the best song on the comp. however is the death cab for cutie song - as good as the original version was, this newer one blows it right out of the water.

RE: wishing tree comp | from Joe KAug 08 2001 - 02:21

Not to interfere, but I think everyone is entitled to a "not so great song" (I didnt say it, Jeff). I think Jeff and company are great, and even though there are a few songs that I may prefer not to listen to, the overwhelming majority of the gems are much more to discuss. I guess I know because I also make and/or record (alot of) music, mine as well as others, and i think from it all what matters most is the importance that artist holds in that song. I can listen to Guided By Voices, Alien Lanes, and though its not well recorded by any means, the message in the lyrics and the intensity of the playing lets me know Rob Pollard has something very important to get off his chest, which essentially is the meaning of art in any form.

RE: wishing tree comp | from jeffAug 08 2001 - 00:17

i wrote and recorded it in about 5 hours ....it sounds like shit..but i actually like the song...its just a demo

RE: wishing tree comp | from michelAug 07 2001 - 16:16

i remember getting popvolume #1 containing evolution is cold and playing that song for hours in one go for its beauty, neglecting the rest of the album, 'cause there was nothing as good as that one song on it. I recently got the amos house comp. with idaho's staying out in front on it, but it isn't quite the same. I'm being straight here: I really dislike the drums on this one song in particular. I hate to say it but this track would be the first one Idaho track for me to skip ever in all these years as a less favourite one. (it was bound to happen surely -and yeah there is still a lot worse than SBIF)
But how do ya'll feel about this song and Jeff were you really happy with the outcome of this song?

RE: wishing tree comp | from DavidJan 17 2001 - 14:23

Pre-orders are being taken starting January 20th. It will be available to buy on CD baby (www.cdbaby.com) around Feb 1st also. It will be in stores in the USA and Canada on February 20th and the rest of the world on Feb 27th. Sorry for the confusion on the website... You know how holidays can set things back a bit... There's MP3 samples on www.wishingtreerecords.com and www.holidaymatinee.com...


pre-order? | from williamJan 16 2001 - 14:11

anybody pre-ordered that comp that wishing tree records is putting out with the idaho song on it? the site says that pre-orders will be taken january 1, but i can't figure out how to do so. perhaps i am retarted. any help?

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