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RE: Am I dragging up ancient history? | from HolliJan 18 2001 - 05:39

what do you mean by big, wonderful departure? will you take your music in another direction or change the groove or have you just had some new experiences that will bleed through in your music?
or all of the above?
curious and worried.

RE: Am I dragging up ancient history? | from danJan 17 2001 - 14:26

It is not irritating to let people know what really transpired. We have been the victim of our own reticence about this stuff. The copy from the jackets tells less than one tenth of the story behind the various contributions. It is nice to be able to let people know what really goes on.

We are all intertwined and will continue to be. I am sure the ripples of my influence will continue to resonate in future Idaho work even if I never add another note to an Idaho song in the future, just as Jeff's influence will continue to resonate in my playing ongoing. I respect and understand the desire to know what really goes on in the creative process, but to tell you the truth, I am not sure even we know. Thanks for the kind words though, it was nice to have some balance from the previous deluge.

RE: Am I dragging up ancient history? | from PeteJan 16 2001 - 17:19

Point taken - I can see that this sort of thing must get fairly irritating for the band, having to in some way defend contributions, and I just want to assure everybody that I was trying to avoid a partisan position. Having read some of the earlier posts I was a bit shocked at the licence people feel they have to comment on this kind of thing and I was merely wondering if there was any kind of resolution that the band had reached that the listeners didn't know about. I enjoy the music, and I genuinely wasn't trying to stir up anything political. Its just that Idaho are a remarkably un-delineated band, making it hard to assess individual contributions, and so it helps to understand the personnel in a way that the sleeve notes don't reveal. The real point is that I think you're an interesting and original bunch of free-thinkers and whatever form the band takes I'll certainly be listening.

RE: Am I dragging up ancient history? | from eraserheadJan 16 2001 - 14:35

hopefully we can all leave at that.

RE: Am I dragging up ancient history? | from danJan 16 2001 - 13:48

nicely put

RE: Am I dragging up ancient history? | from jeffJan 16 2001 - 11:27

im not certain what will happen in the future idaho dream. dan and i have agreed to keep the collaboration channels open. change is a healthy thing though and has been scratching at the door for a while now. granted, dan comes up with wonderful noise, a cool verse and once in a while the makings of a whole song. There are probably only a few people in the whole world that can do what he doesÉthat said however..... during an idaho recording ,im down in the studio by myself 90% of the time widdling away at the chaos....there is so much more to making an idaho song than playing the guitar well...i cant copy dan's style and wouldnÕt ever try to....pro tools is a big part of the guitar feedback/color illusion ...ive built whole songs out of a few takes of guitar noise that wouldnt make any sense at all if you heard the raw takes...and how does everybody seem to be so sure they now who played what on each song..you might be surprised to know how many songs i played alone..or how many times ive played the lead guitar lines...i really didnt want to get involved in all this bullshit but after a while even the most controlled ego starts to say uncle...the next idaho record is going to be a big WONDERFUL departure from all of the records proceeding... . im more inspired now than ive been in many, many years...dan can never be replaced.we had a wonderful and friendly musical connection... but talented musicians will come and go in idaho's future...rest easy all...everything is gonna be ok...a lot better than ok love jeff

Here goes... | from PeteJan 16 2001 - 09:29

I've been an Idaho fan for a couple of years now, and though I've gradually become interested in more ostentatiously progressive forms of music I still return to stuff like '3 sheets...' and 'This way out', and keep a look out for any of your earlier singles. Being an interested listener, I compare how things have changed and how your sound has altered with new personnel or new equipment (or new contemporary influences), and it seems to me that with Dan Seta playing you managed to reach a few highs that many other contemporary bands do not even approach. I'm hoping that Dan's alleged departure from Idaho does not rule out him rejoining the band at a later date. I can understand the pressures that being in a full-time band and still holding down a regular job entail, and I was wondering if Dan will be rejoining the band when you start laying down tracks for a new album. If this hasn't been discussed among you then I don't expect a reply but if this has been raised and resolved than I (and many other fans) would like to know the score.

Thanks for your time.

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