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Do I have it all?

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RE: Rare Idaho Releases | from DaveJan 13 2001 - 00:30

Sheesh - there's actually quite a
bunch of stuff all over the place,
here and there, isnt' there? Say
Jeff, is there any chance of some
of these b-sides being released on
a single-CD ever? Red Snake? I've
haven't even heard of that one
either. In a perfect world, I
guess . . .

Speakin' o' releases, what will the
next release be? People Like Us
Should Be Stopped vol. 2? An EP?
How 'bout that movie soundtrack
that you did a while back? Anyhow,
whatever you release, I'm sure we
will all be happy campers.

RE: Rare Idaho Releases | from Chris LindsayJan 12 2001 - 15:51

I do have the shanti project--I just forgot to put it on the list. I have a good friend that has the Drive it cd single and I wish he would sell it to me but I don't think he would. I have to find the Idaho/Cobalt 7" and the Canadian compilation with spiral. I don't have to have every release that Idaho has ever been on (compilations etc.--any song already released on albums) but I want to have all of the songs.

RE: Rare Idaho Releases | from michelJan 12 2001 - 15:33

for completists: popvolume 1 -evolution is cold, floundering -fuel, cmj vol.32 april '96 - pomegranate bleeding, stuck on caroline - skyscrape & You are there, Caroline 1994 Fall menu - Fuel & Drive it, cmj certain damage no.1 - skyscrape, drive it 7" peach vinyl, cobalt/idaho split7" red vinyl.

And: always looking for more (i know it's sick...) michel

RE: Rare Idaho Releases | from jeffJan 12 2001 - 14:47

i cant believe i lost my only copy of the drive it cd single on cd....its had sweep, a ten to noon, and red snake on it ...including drive it of course. you forgot the shanti project, the cobalt/idaho split 7in. and spiral(from a candian compilationn whos name has escaped me at the momnet)...i think im forgeting something also

Do I have it all? | from Chris LindsayJan 12 2001 - 12:14

This is my list of Idaho releases:

The Palms EP
Year after Year
Skyscrape 7"
This Way Out
Drive it 7"
Fuel 7"
The Bayonet EP(cd and 10")
Three sheets to the wind
Pomegranate bleeding 7"
The Forbodden EP
Buzz Sampler with unreleased song
People like us should be stopped
Hearts of Palm

That list looks quite extensive but I found out that the Drive it cd single has two songs that the 7" dosen't have--What a shame. I can't find that cd anywhere. Jeff maybe you could help me out or any anal Idaho collector that knows or has more than me. I would also be curious to see what everyone else has.

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