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Oh yes they do!

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RE: Beards Rule! | from arseApr 27 2001 - 10:45

well, my band are called Bognor Regis, so there

RE: Beards Rule! | from James Apr 27 2001 - 08:41

JC - You are so full of shit!!!
Last time I heard from you you were in China and now you're ressurecting the beards! Any time you want to discuss Wittgensteinian Language theory, give me a call!!

Umberto Eco

RE: Beards Rule! | from Chase Jan 15 2001 - 21:15

I would agree with my fellow Idaho fan Chris Lindsay- I have not heard of "The Beards", but I do think that having a beard is pretty cool.

RE: Beards Rule! | from aJan 15 2001 - 09:41

yeah, i just made a band too.. it's called oregon.. i don't know why tho since i live in wisconsin... maybe i should change it to missouri then?

RE: Beards Rule! | from Jc Fayers, the people's friend.Jan 15 2001 - 03:03

Another Beards fan speaks!

May I say that I too have seen The Beards playing live, and what an experience it was. I saw them at the famous 'Lost gig of '96', the celebrated 'secret' concert in the drummer's elegant Wimbledon town house. Due to illness and lack of commitment, only the bassist and drummer were actually present, but my did they rock. They were still relatively unknown at this stage of their careers and in fact it is only in recent months that they have been mentioned in some of the more upmarket web sites. Suffice it to say that the gig was excellent, and very well attended, despite the absence of a singer, lead guitarist, or other musical essentials. The female fans were vocal in their support, and one in particular was very taken with the musty bass player, and indeed managed to 'bag off' with said musician at the evening's close. Whether this explains the current ubiquity of genetic anomalies in the South London birth register will never be known, but we do know that taste has never interfered with the bass players baser desires. As for the drummer: well, legend has it that he went on to make his fortune as a staple in the Scottish jazz scene. The bass player, unfortunately, has become merely a staple in the story of the Beards; linking the pages of this history together - not in himself newsworthy, but memorable only for his undisputed presence. Long may they rock, and we wish the bass player well on his tour of the Chinese hotspots. We hear that his tour of the Great Wall of China is tipped for success, but only once he's finished putting up the posters. Thats a lot of wall there , and mind you cover both sides.

Oye como rock....

A. Fan.

RE: Beards Rule! | from Han BeardoJan 14 2001 - 21:05

Yeah, I got a band too. We're called Utah.

RE: Beards Rule! | from Gerald McLachlanJan 14 2001 - 18:28

As a long-standing fan of Idaho
and one of the faithful few who
have actually seen 'The Beards' live onstage I can honestly testify that they are indeed amazing. My own band ('Iowa') was
supporting them at a gig
in 'Robin's' (a famous venue in Camden Town, London), and I was completely blown away by their effortless cool and even longer
beards. Apparently an album is due out at the end of the year - more than that I don't know, though. Be aware that they are no joke band (like certain bands who are quite popular in London these days who all seem to be going in for a kind of Havana/Wimbledon fusion
sound). No no no, The Beards are
serious. In fact, if any of The
Beards are reading this
then 'Iowa' would welcome another support slot - if only to momentarily bask in The Beard's
reflected glory. Viva Los Barbos!

RE: Beards Rule! | from Chris LindsayJan 12 2001 - 11:50

I think having a beard rules but I am unfortunately not familiar with "The Beards". May I also say that the band "Manbeard" is definately the best joke band I've ever heard.

RE: Beards Rule! | from ?Jan 12 2001 - 09:28


Oh yes they do! | from JC FayersJan 12 2001 - 02:57

I just wanted to alert your readers to the imminent reformation of one of Britain's most seminal post-punk bands, 'The Beards'. Artlessly mixing the hair of ZZ Top with the girth of the Pixies and the talent of Ride, the Beards were the true inheritors of the rock and roll mantle that was previously assumed by Captain Donut and the Mushroom Buttplugs. Yes, they're back to rock your pants off and make your ma cry 'unhand me!' So, get your asses down to Wun Hung Lo's Shangai super-joint, 'Noodle Doddles' in China's lower East side, and thrill to the sounds of their proto-number-one-hit, 'U Flung Dung'. Watch the boys come on stage in the uniform of the People's Army and then proceed to kick everything back in time to the Japanese Occupation. This is music, this history, this is mystery. Rock on, and Rock up.

A Beard

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