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RE: Napster | from danJan 11 2001 - 17:02

idaho good.
napster bad.

I suppose if napster had any way of making it so that the artist got some compensation for the fruits of their effort I would be a lot friendlier to it. The music industry is notoriously bad at compensating the artist, but Napster it seems codifies a complete disconnect of the artist and any hope of compensation. I will go on the record here as stating that I don't think that Napster fosters experimentation with more and varied music that eventually leads to a purchase of that music.

I am partial to places like listen.com that try and harvest the explosion of music that exists out there and point you in the direction of things you might also like.

I like the idea of cutting the middle-men out of the current music distribution scheme, but not at the expense of the artist. I like even better the idea of being able to support the artists I like with the full purchase price of the product they spend so much time and effort producing.

RE: Napster | from ChrisJan 11 2001 - 13:41

Holli -

See below, last post on Dec. 24.

Napster | from HolliJan 10 2001 - 17:40

was wondering what you think of napster...

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