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tour dates

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RE: how can i get tour dates? | from g.Feb 20 2001 - 19:25

I'm not sure there is much connection between Idaho the band and the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, but here is the link:


Started today, so jump on a plane now... =)

RE: how can i get tour dates? | from chuck willoughbyFeb 06 2001 - 08:58

I recently heard that there is a
jazz festival in Moscow, Idaho,including artist Ray Brown &
other famous jazz artist's--Did I
hear right? If so, would you please
give some info on this? It would
be most appreciated!
Thank you
Chuck Willoughby
email 4glass@newportnet.com

tour dates | from HolliJan 10 2001 - 13:56

where can i find tour dates?

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