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"Tell me your favorite Idaho Moment"

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RE: Three Sheets Promo Poster | from John PaulOct 04 2005 - 10:12

yup, that's the one.

RE: Three Sheets Promo Poster | from brianSep 28 2005 - 13:03

it's always nice to hear these stories.

RE: Three Sheets Promo Poster | from Jason EisertSep 27 2005 - 18:14

Seth, you sounded great that night too. I need some of your music, dude!

RE: Three Sheets Promo Poster | from Seth HowardSep 27 2005 - 17:22

Jason - You are right on about the shitty Italian food. Sounds like you got the real Seattle experience. I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

That was a pretty special night for me too. I was unemployed, broke, and feeling pretty discouraged and crappy. Getting the honor of opening that show pretty much made my year.

Seeing the band on the Three Sheets tour was pretty amazing too. I was living at home in St. Louis and hating it. My good friends came down from Columbia for that show. It was in the old basement Cicero's space and we were all blown away. I chatted with Jeff briefly and bought a Bayonet EP and a tour shirt. The shirt is practically a rag now, but I still wear it.

I think my most prominent Idaho memory is working at Amazon.com in a cubicle and having my copy of Alas delivered to me (I ordered it straight from Buzz because Amazon couldn't get it. I still have the sticker that came with it because I can't think of what to put it on). I rode my bike to work all winter in the rain crazy-early and answered bitchy e-mails from stupid people, but when I put my headphones on I didn't care. I'm kind of suprised I got any work done though.

RE: Three Sheets Promo Poster | from John-PaulSep 26 2005 - 23:46

hey, all great stories so far everyone, keep em coming.I will make my decision on the first of October. Oh! and please show your email addresses so that I can contact the winner.The decision is not going to be easy, I might have to talk to Jeff and let him decide.

RE: Three Sheets Promo Poster | from Alex NiedtSep 25 2005 - 23:30

Thanks for sharing the stories.

RE: Three Sheets Promo Poster | from the vaultSep 25 2005 - 21:28

i keep checking this site in hopes of new music but...
its not a big moment when i saw idaho but i found hearts os palm in a used store cheap and liked the cover art so i bought it...
when i got home to give my find a proper listen everything changed. i sat in my dimly lit apartment and listned to it three times through back to back. this was the soundthe one that i had been looking for for quitesome time never knowing what it was until i heard hearts of palm.
the next day i ordered everything i could find from idaho. it is the music the last five years of my life has been set to.
i own a small fledgeling coffee shop on the northside of pittsburgh and there is at least one idaho album in the mix every day. the best part is letting my new regulars share the experiance. i have helped build a small but loyal following for he band in pittsburgh that grows stronger one song at a time.

RE: Three Sheets Promo Poster | from caseySep 25 2005 - 20:55

i can;t imagine a better story than jasons

RE: Three Sheets Promo Poster | from jason eisertSep 24 2005 - 13:11

i liked your story, jw.

RE: Three Sheets Promo Poster | from jwSep 21 2005 - 00:28

there's no way i can compete with jason's story, but i'll tell mine just for fun, 'cause i like the idea of this thread. and i can't get to sleep anyway.

back in the summer of 2002, i had some friends stay over at my place after a weekend of semi-debauchery. i woke up on sunday morning after maybe four hours of sleep to one of the guys blasting some music of indeterminate origin. after my ears adjusted, it dawned on me that it was my own. it played for maybe half an hour, and then josh (the guy in question) popped in a mix tape he'd made. it jumped stylistically from typical indie rock stuff to what sounded like dub reggae on hallucinogens before a song with some interesting guitar work caught my attention. i remembered to ask him what it was later on when we were all awake, and he told me it was a song called "catapult" by a band called idaho. shortly thereafter he let me borrow "three sheets to the wind". i think i only listened to the first few songs, and i liked "catapult", but on the whole it didn't really do much for me. i'm not sure why...my taste in music was all over the map, but i was going through a strange time with my band falling apart, relationships splintering, drugs and other fun stuff. this music just didn't speak to me.

fast forward a little over a year. my friendships with the people who once crashed at my house are withering on the vine, but the night before my twentieth birthday i find myself over at josh's place with some of the old gang. while making me copies of a few things he thinks i might like, he tells me to look through his cds and tell him if there's anything that catches my eye. i spot "three sheets to the wind" and ask him to make me a copy, thinking i'll give it another listen and see what happens. i turn twenty listening to it on headphones while leonardo dicaprio's histrionics in "the basketball diaries" unfold soundlessly on tv. i can't believe what i'm hearing. how did i not get into this the first time? every song on this cd is incredible. somehow this feels like it's exactly what i should be listening to while i leave my jumpcut-loving teenage days behind and fall into something i'm not sure i'm entirely comfortable with, whatever it is. "pretend to conform while not really conforming. by the way, your age now rhymes with 'plenty'. get another job. shake it."

now i want more, and i discover the thirty-second clips for "alas" on amazon.com. my head explodes. i get lucky and find the cd on ebay, in mint condition, for only slightly more than what most cds go for at your friendly local mainstream shit (oops, i mean cd and miscellaneous noise/visual items) retailer. this is at least as good as "three sheets", but a very different beast. and it has a surprise for me. i'm not normally one to find myself experiencing that you're-singing-what-i'm-feeling moment...actually, it's never happened outside of my own music (because, to varying degrees, i'm usually singing what i'm feeling). but "run but you ran" slams right into it. the second verse nails my life to my face. things have changed and will continue to change regardless of my reluctance to accept it. but as long as i can stumble across music that's this beautiful, things can't be all that bad. wurlitzer!

long story short, i'm nowhere near being the person i was three years ago, or even six months ago, but i now have every idaho cd bar "people like us should be stopped", "vieux carre" and the new one. asking me to pick a favourite cd or song would be like asking me to pick a favourite breath. it can't be done. but i love the fact that none of them sound very similar. even the eps are different, standalone entities unto themselves. it gives me hope that there are still artists out there that have enough respect for their music and for the people who really get it to be honest and to allow it to change and evolve as they do, instead of recycling the same ideas ad infinitum. catch a hamster by the popsicle.

what? oh yeah. i should probably stop now. i guess this was less a coherent story/moment and more of a disjointed meditation on nothing of great importance. and this is quite short compared to what it could be if i really let myself go and started to articulate things with some amount of success. here it is anyway for anyone who might get a kick out of it.

RE: Three Sheets Promo Poster | from AshSep 20 2005 - 23:01

I'm living in Australia and it hard enough coming across a Idaho album let alone some promo posters. I'm a big fan and have all their records and this addition would look stunning in the outdoor dunny. (ie the shitter).

"Tell me your favorite Idaho Moment" | from John PaulSep 20 2005 - 10:10

I have had these "Three sheets" promo posters for years. I originally had four, but parted with two for close friends and true IDAHO fans. I have one that I would like to give away, so please tell me a little story about your fav Idaho moment.Be it a song, or a time you saw them live, whatever it was just tell me and I will choose my favorite and send that person the poster. Even if you don't get it, it should still make an interesting topic, Thanks everybody.

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