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RE: The Lone Gunman | from CodreanuOct 08 2005 - 21:01

I have tried to start a new topic with this but continually receive the following error: ERROR: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Not enough space on disk.

Oh well... here is a short article Tolucan Times article on Jeff/Inconceivable: http://www.tolucantimes.com/columns100505/jackie/

RE: The Lone Gunman | from greenOct 08 2005 - 07:59

the guy on the cover kinda looks like jeff to me.

Errata | from CodreanuOct 06 2005 - 10:24

My apologies. The above rating should be: (5/6 = excellent)

RE: The Lone Gunman | from dcsOct 06 2005 - 00:00

I downloaded the album off itunes and it's good. I'll buy it again for the artwork when it's released on CD in the US. It reminds me of a more out there Levitate mixed with the vibe of Alas. There is guitar on the album but in general things sound more deconstructed and abstract. I noticed some of the themes from the Days made it onto the album.

RE: The Lone Gunman | from CodreanuOct 05 2005 - 18:00

Brief review of "The Lone Gunman":


(4/5 = excellent!)

RE: The Lone Gunman | from bartlebyOct 04 2005 - 12:14

*still for ancient serbocroat dtill

P.S. any news on the Lone Gunman European tour?

RE: The Lone Gunman | from bartlebyOct 04 2005 - 12:12

agggh, the the talitres paypal option dtill hasnt popped up, even today on its official release date.

emmanuel, just checked fnac.com, and didnt come up with anything i recognise. happen to have a more detailed link? thx

RE: The Lone Gunman | from emmanuelOct 04 2005 - 01:38

for french fans,
u can have the japanese import CD on fnac.com

RE: The Lone Gunman | from Dan TOct 04 2005 - 00:50

I'm keen on getting the Japanese version because of the extra tracks.

Anyone have a link to a Japanese record shop which is in English ? I've tried a few, only to get to the checkout and all the English lettering's been replaced by Japanese !

RE: The Lone Gunman | from daleOct 03 2005 - 16:44

buying from retrophonic would benefit idaho the most. that said, the site is somewhat delayed. we hope to know this week what the time frame is.

RE: The Lone Gunman | from RossOct 03 2005 - 13:36

JB, where do you want us to buy it from - which benefits youse guys most? I want a some of my money in your pockets.

Please let me know.

Chi of Love

RE: The Lone Gunman | from AngeloOct 03 2005 - 13:26

It has to be a mistake. I hope the US version is not like that. That track space could be filled with a another great song.

RE: The Lone Gunman | from JB Oct 03 2005 - 10:22

That's an excellent question! We'll have to ask Jeff!

RE: The Lone Gunman | from fredericOct 03 2005 - 09:13

hello !

well, i bought the record today and it's amazing... so good !!!...

BUT i've got a silly question:
well, i've got the talitres edition and these two songs 15. "cactus man rides again" - 16. "when the canyon meets the stars" are the same !!!... i'm disappointed and i don't understand !!! is it a very nasty mistake from talitres ?!? or was it planned by jeff martin himself ?...

last but not least, japan rules. they always have bonus tracks and i'm pretty fuckin' jealous about that...

cheers !



RE: The Lone Gunman | from JaySep 22 2005 - 10:49

Just got my copy... thanks to Tower.jp which also had text written in english. Shipped out pretty quickly though I haven't seent he exchange rate hit on my CC. JB does not lie -- track down the european version or wait it out for the U.S. release. The bonus material is 3 songs, one which is previously released "Rope," a collage song called "Open" that tracks in at about 5 with multiple movements. "Site R" which is a beautiful, 1.5 minute piano meditation. Songs that are cool to have but not essential (and will hopefully be released for free).

I love it... it's different than what I expected, probably due to the complete lack of guitar. There's a few acoustic and feedback guitar sounds that add texture, but I don't think a single song is guitar based. It's more experimental than previous releases , there's a freedom in the material. I love the vocal stuff on here, and the production is pretty damn incredible. It's "music" rather than "songs"... it all fades and blends together. I think the CD is meant to be digested as a whole.

If you've heard the clips from Jeff's scoring work, you'll understand the direction a little better. Some of that work creeps in The Lonesome Gunman, and there's a lot of really really short songs that make you wanting more.

What really shocks me is how Jeff has transcended the genre of "slowcore" or even "indie" and certainly "rock" with this one. It's really tough to pigeonhole, or even find other artists to compare it with. There's no clean line of progression from HoP to Levitate to this. He's doing his own thing, and I like it.


RE: The Lone Gunman | from KevinSep 21 2005 - 21:04


What happened to the Lonemeister's responses?

RE: The Lone Gunman | from JB Sep 20 2005 - 21:28

Lets not get our knickers in a bunch!

It seems as though Dotshop.se has made an error in the tracks. I assume that they received an earlier copy of the record. To further complicate things one of the songs that IS on the European version is just mis titled. DUMB AS PAINT=Some dogs can fly.

Dumb as paint was just an earlier working title...

Drinks at 8 should not be up as a clip - I'll see what I can do about it..

RE: The Lone Gunman | from prune faceSep 20 2005 - 19:23

i'm aware of the fact that those songs don't appear on the track list. what i'm saying is this: why did they put up clips of songs that aren't on the cd? it don't make no sense. that's like letting someone test drive a car they plan on buying, and then saying, "by the way, you know how you liked the mounted cannon that lets you take out idiot drivers? it doesn't actually come with the car; we just let you try it out for no reason."

i'm just sayin'.

RE: The Lone Gunman | from the bone-pickin' shysterSep 19 2005 - 22:17

for some reason i'm starting to feel kind of like the old guy at the end of "moonstruck" who starts crying and says, "i'm confused!" in a thick italian accent. why would talitres provide clips of two songs that aren't on their version of the cd? prune juice.

RE: The Lone Gunman | from Alex NiedtSep 19 2005 - 17:59

What?! "Drinks at 8" was my favorite clip. I think.

RE: The Lone Gunman | from Seth HowardSep 19 2005 - 16:48

Looks like there are some clips here:


RE: The Lone Gunman | from HeFfeSep 19 2005 - 15:58

Here Here. I second that one.

RE: The Lone Gunman | from Geoff with a GSep 19 2005 - 02:01

I'm still waiting for advice on where to buy it (when it does come out, if it isn't already)...

There must be a distributor of choice? (I'm uk based but I'm sure people on other parts of the planet would like to know, too)

RE: The Lone Gunman | from JB Sep 18 2005 - 22:13

Just out of curiosity, where are you guys getting the record?

RE: The Lone Gunman | from Rob SSep 18 2005 - 21:59

It's out already? I can't wait to hear it, naturally.

RE: The Lone Gunman | from AngeloSep 18 2005 - 15:25

It's really nice, really nice.

Wow | from RaztroSep 17 2005 - 23:16

This album is fucking amazing. Jeff, you never fail. This is beautiful. What do you guys think?

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