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on alas

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RE: melissa auf der maur | from billJan 12 2001 - 12:11

was malone the one who sang with you at the 40 watt club gig?

RE: melissa auf der maur | from jeffJan 12 2001 - 11:51

how about southern bell malone koenig on bass crawl.....?

RE: melissa auf der maur | from Chris LindsayJan 12 2001 - 11:46

I love how melissa's voice sounds with yours jeff--I think that she really adds a certain grace to those songs on Alas that she sings on. I must also say that I can't complain a bit about christy's vocals on "The Sun is all there is" and "This Cloud we're on"--she is fantastic.

RE: melissa auf der maur | from jeffJan 09 2001 - 16:57

i met "mouse" in a japanese restaraunt in korea town los angeles...we became friends. i think it states somewhere on the album alas what songs she was involved with.

on alas | from jayneJan 09 2001 - 02:19

which songs did melissa sing on
on alas? How did you guys know her?
She's done alot of backing for alot
of bands lately, its great!!!
I love alas, it's an excellent album keep up the good work!!!!

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