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RE: can we shift the thread? | from jerry DSep 19 2005 - 16:57

I'm kind of new to this, but can we shift the thread to THE WAFFLE HOUSE or THE ORIGINAL PANCAKE HOUSE ??

Like: which is the best Waffle house?

Or: do you like The original Pancake House in Portland or Chicago?

RE: Desert isle Syrups (yes, i went there) | from CodreanuSep 19 2005 - 14:48

Pantsy, whatever the truth behind Jeff's tenure at In-N-Out Burger, I could swear that it was THE Devastatin' Dave* who brought a syrup-pitcher brimfull of golden maple to my table at The Waffle House. *sigh*

Now you know why there are seven cases of amber syrup in the pantry and a bottle of mapled Karo on my nightstand.

*aka the turn-table slave

RE: Desert isle Syrups (yes, i went there) | from ?Sep 17 2005 - 17:30

Cup, I guess a sense of humor doesn't run in your family. Your mother was laughing her ass off when I read her the list in bed the other night. Come to think of it, so was your father.

RE: Desert isle Syrups (yes, i went there) | from cupSep 17 2005 - 09:14

Hey "?" - what about CHOKE-a-cola?!?! Or POOPsi??!?!?!?!? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Desert isle Syrups (yes, i went there) | from ?Sep 15 2005 - 04:47

Top Ten Least Favorite Soft Drinks:

10) Crapple

9) Spume

8) I Can't Believe It's Not Saliva

7) Tastes Like Chicken

6) 7-Down

5) Monkey Dew

4) Dr. Kevorkian

3) Diet Dr. Kevorkian

2) Mr. Dregs

1) Ebola Cola

RE: Desert isle Syrups (yes, i went there) | from JB Sep 14 2005 - 15:48

It's cool - I'm on the piss and vinegar list.

RE: Desert isle Syrups (yes, i went there) | from Seth HowardSep 14 2005 - 14:53

What? Filthy ho-berry made the list but John Berry didn't?

Pantsy McDoodle | from Pantsy McDoodlesSep 14 2005 - 12:50

I know.. I know.. perhaps of all subjects and scenarios broasted, on a message board devoted to Pancake Syrup, THIS is the most clich├ęd and uninspired. But, admit it, fun in both individual compilation and the consideration, the appraisal given to others' lists'... not as fun as penile cauderization with a hot poker, mind you.

i pantsgin:

1. pure maple

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