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RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from susieOct 01 2005 - 08:52

You made it to the end!

Well done you!

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from gurlyOct 01 2005 - 08:00

can anyone tell me what was the
last song in the sept 30 episode?

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from muSep 24 2005 - 18:00

music was great...show was hard to watch

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from brianSep 23 2005 - 20:28

for anyone that missed it, the episodes will be re-broadcast on BRAVO on Fridays at 7pm ET/6pm CT the next week.

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from JB Sep 23 2005 - 16:41

It dovetails, in an interesting way, with the new Eitzel record "Candy Ass" I just read about...

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from susan331 Sep 23 2005 - 16:22

"Spermicidal-based slapstick"? I think I'm about to get sick...

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from brianSep 23 2005 - 14:39

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from daleSep 21 2005 - 17:13

show preview...

Fall Preview 2005 - Television

Desperate Couples

Inconceivable finds the heartbreak in infertility—and the comedy.

By Adam Sternbergh

At first glance, Inconceivable, the NBC drama about a high-end fertility clinic, seems spliced together from the DNA of other successful shows: ER’s quickstep pace and medicinal hand-wringing; David E. Kelley’s Boston Legal blend of big drama and broad humor; and an unmistakable strand of Desperate Housewives’ winking soap operatics. So it’s surprising to learn that the show’s conception was somewhat more organic: The idea came up at a dinner between two longtime friends and veteran TV writers, Oliver Goldstick and Marco Pennette, both of whom are gay and both of whom have had children with their partners through surrogate mothers. “I wanted to write it as a feature,” says Goldstick. “When I told Marco, he got this look in his eyes. I said, ‘You think it’s a terrible idea.’ He said, ‘No, I think it’s a television show.’ ”

The result is a drama that’s both obvious in its premise and pleasingly deft in its execution: Think Nip/Tuck with sperm instead of scalpels, or Six Feet Under with cribs instead of coffins. Inconceivable’s volatile assemblage of characters ranges from a rogue British charmer, Dr. Malcolm Bowers (Jonathan Cake), to Rachel Lu, the clinic’s sociologist and conscience (played by Ming Na, ex of ER), to Angie Harmon as Dr. Campbell, a boundary-pushing hard case who does a romantic tango with Bowers. The show aims to dissect the moral quandaries around conception, but it’s not all furrowed brows: Expect some spermicidal-based slapstick as well. “That’s a healthy trend in the prime-time landscape,” says Mike Tollin, an executive producer. “You’re blurring the lines between hour drama and half-hour comedy.” But with controversial subject matter, such experiments are risky. “When we sold the show to NBC, tone-wise, they wanted Desperate Housewives,” says Goldstick, a former writer on that show. “But we wanted something closer to David E. Kelley World. This is a subject that for many people is very, very painful. It has to be treated with respect. Six Feet Under handled that balance beautifully. You’d have irreverence and even deaths that we laughed at. But it never mocked the people who were grieving. When the characters came in to bury that person, it had to become real.”

NBC; premieres September 23 (10 P.M.).

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from VivaSep 20 2005 - 17:28

This is just great - I found an interveiw with Jeff Martin. He doesn't seem to mention the show though-


RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from susieSep 19 2005 - 00:38

You'll be able to torrent it from places like mininova. That's how I saw The Days here in the UK.

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from michelSep 18 2005 - 04:10

Jeffs talent for scoring has been recognized and rightfully so! I enjoy previous work a lot on a regular base. Let's hope we'll find the lasts works temporarily mp3-ed like the Days score some time ago.
There's only 2 sad things to mention: 1) I won't be able to see NBC's Inconceivable at all over here
2) the limited time for scoring productions..

RE: Jeff scores NBC's THEME | from JB Sep 17 2005 - 13:32

In case you missed this.. Jeff also does the THEME !!

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from ronSep 03 2005 - 07:28


RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from bcSep 03 2005 - 00:39

will you be putting up any clips or mp3s?
can't wait to to see it - good for you jeff!

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from delucaAug 30 2005 - 17:27

what a blessing! congrats!

RE: Jeff scores NBC's | from Alex NiedtAug 30 2005 - 11:24

Fantastic! Congrats yet again, Jeff.

Get a day job! | from Chatham Media GroupAug 30 2005 - 03:30

Jeff Martin is scoring NBC's new fall show "Inconceivable" starring Angie Harman and Ming-Na.

The show will air Friday's At 10:00PM

This is the second network show in as many years for Martin.


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