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RE: with teeth | from BowieSep 01 2005 - 10:31

And he sure can hum!!!

RE: with teeth | from Geoff with a 'G'Sep 01 2005 - 08:03

Lots of negative words in this thread!

The man is a genius, and has reached a whole new generation of listeners... again...

It may not be as subtle as idaho, but surely anyone on this board should appreciate well crafted, experimental, personal music such as Trents' work.

RE: with teeth | from ipsoSep 01 2005 - 05:32

Shoo! Bowie! I don't believe in you!

RE: with teeth | from BowieAug 31 2005 - 19:37

My hum is none of your business. Just ask your mum.

RE: with teeth | from ipsoAug 31 2005 - 19:17

I did a tootle from my botty. It was sublime. It's up for the Ivor Novello award this year.
And, yes, my snuggly wee buddy, my opiniion IS worth more than Bowie's. I know that Bowie is only a hoax. He never existed. He only glows low in the sunset on humid summer evenings. Even then, his hum is lost in the ambient howling of the cattle.

RE: with teeth | from CFAug 31 2005 - 19:04

Hey Ipso,
So I am to assume that your opinion is worth more and is more valid than Bowie's? And what have you done "of note" lately?

RE: with teeth | from golden shower headAug 31 2005 - 18:56

No, no, but NIN are kinda...well... lame. And crap.... and adolescent.
And as for his latest haircut... yeech.

RE: with teeth | from the hopeful chefAug 29 2005 - 17:04

No, no, we have to have a huge bonfire. We have to get them all together and cook them gently over a low flame. I hear the tendons part from the muscles easily that way. But, most of all, I'd like to get an opinion from each one of them - their thoughts on cooking techniques and spices, perhaps.

RE: with teeth | from Count ReznorAug 29 2005 - 15:35

My opinion is worthy. after all, i am a Count.

RE: with teeth | from Casual ObserverAug 29 2005 - 11:24

We need to get a list of whose opinions are worthwhile. It will save us a lot of time.

RE: with teeth | from Ipso Aug 29 2005 - 08:50

'...if Bowie is a fan....' - whaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Bowie hasn't done anything of note himself for nigh on thirty years. Since when was his opinion worthy of attention?

RE: with teeth | from CFAug 29 2005 - 07:58

NIN is not garbage. Reznor's production abilities alone are noteworthy. "With Teeth" is a good listen for the genre; not on par with "downward sipral" or "pretty hate machine" imo. Saw him live twice and was quite impressed. Hey-if Bowie is a fan, and he is (he hand chose Trent to open for him) it must be good stuff. AGain, imo.

RE: with teeth | from holgerAug 29 2005 - 07:24

hmm, i did not hear the latest album(s), but "the downward spiral" is definitely not garbage, if you like it or not.

RE: with teeth | from ChrisAug 29 2005 - 07:17

Heard a track -- or rather, saw it -- on MTV2 this weekend. Pretty lame -- repetitive, inconsequential.

He thinks he's building up a real head of steam, but it's not steam unless there's a reason for it. There isn't, so it's froth.

Count Reznor as another one of these goobers who was given a lot of latitude and promptly blew it. That kind of music is officially over -- it's on the scrap heap with Korn, Limp Beavis and all the rest of the class.

Now, can we move on to busting the chops of someone equally unworthy of our time -- namely Billy Corgan?

RE: with teeth | from ThighboneAug 28 2005 - 19:21

But, with teeth? I mean, 'With teeth'??
Whaaat? My fucking flappy gums could savage his spoiled arse more brutally than his piss weak electro metal broth.

RE: with teeth | from ThighboneAug 28 2005 - 19:19

It isn't. Shirley Manson is sexier than all of Trent's fishnet hotpants piled on top of one another wrapped in his scrotal skin singing, 'I got you under my skin...'.

RE: with teeth | from ronAug 28 2005 - 11:12

why is it garbage?

RE: with teeth | from rytilAug 28 2005 - 01:58

NiN is garbage, all of it. If it takes Trent Reznor that long to produce that piece of garbage, I dont' wanna hear from him again.

new NIN | from ronAug 27 2005 - 09:21

if you haven't heard the new(er) NIN record "with teeth," i highly recommended it. i've had it for a while, but just got around to listening to it. and wow. it's really, really good.

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