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Alas, so many...

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RE: Alas, so many haters! | from barnlifeJul 17 2005 - 20:57

amen...i wanted an idaho praise thread...give it to them so they hear it...make them fill like balloons with our heat and take pride as they rise. i love music that i can play for my family members and be absolutely proud to be able to share profound beautiful songs. here is to what music can be, sometimes is, and maybe we can have some idaho baby bands, like myself, that can bask in that lite. pure beauty...beyond art...skillful playing of the finest sounds.

RE: Alas, so many haters! | from erewrwrwrJul 17 2005 - 11:41

Yeah my girlfriend gets pissed at me when i go to this board. says it is bad for me. huh. it is pretty mean here, pretty often. i'm droppin out

RE: Alas, so many haters! | from Alex NeatJul 14 2005 - 19:56

I'm with stupid

RE: Alas, so many haters! | from SeƱor McDoodlesJul 14 2005 - 17:49

I'm with Pantsy

RE: Alas, so many haters! | from RaztroJul 14 2005 - 17:36

I'm with Sylvan as well.

RE: Alas, so many haters! | from Alex NiedtJul 14 2005 - 15:12

I'm with you Sylvan.

RE: Alas, so many haters! | from .Jul 14 2005 - 06:54


RE: Alas, so many haters! | from VinnieJul 14 2005 - 03:26

Hey!!!! I'd like to dip my balls in it!!!

RE: Alas, so many haters! | from Not lonely and single and depressingly maleJul 14 2005 - 02:56

There are many things wrong with the posters on this message board, yet you pick on the '

Alas, so many... | from SylvanJul 13 2005 - 23:23

Man this thread is really going down hill. It seems like you can hardly post a message here without being crapped on anymore. And i know i've done my share, but enoughs enough. Does anybody feel me? It just seems like if you listen to Idaho which creates this incredibly life changing and profound music--which i'm sure all of us have experienced, or else we wouldn't be here--than why are so many people on this board such elitist indy-snobs? Maybe it's just me, i don't know, maybe i'm too sentimental, or too idealistic in thinking that this place would somehow represent for me, atleast to some extent, the way Idaho makes me feel; surrounded in this warm and melancholy inclusiveness, this almost womb-like feeling. Sorry, but i just felt compelled to speak, i apologize if this seems excessive.


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