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Esthetic Evolution - 3 day Music & Art Festival

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RE: Esthetic Evolution - 3 day Music & Art Festival | from JBJul 14 2005 - 21:33

If any of you are planning on making this trip, I'll be selling dime bags in back of the porta-potty's..

RE: Esthetic Evolution - 3 day Music & Art Festival | from ChazJul 12 2005 - 18:37

Holy Fuck!

Esthetic Evolution - 3 day Music & Art Festival | from processthis.org/evolution.aspxJul 12 2005 - 14:21

Come join us for an outdoor music and art festival in the Idaho Mountains. This will be 3 day, 2 night camping event at Twin Springs located just outside of Boise. The camping area is in a beautiful meadow with river access and natural hotspring pools on the property. This will feature musical and artistic performances from talent all over the Northwestern United States. These will include live electronic performances, DJs of all styles, live bands and a variety of art in different forms. Please see below for a list of these performers.

In the vein of Burning Man, we are striving to bring the cultures of music and art together for a truly harmonious engagement. We encourage you all to open yourselves up and participate as well, through your own artistic expression. Actual art exhibits and performances will be listed below with updates to come as we find out more.

The art aspect will be going on at all times, not only from u, but from those that have chosen to express themselves directly in front of us. There will be interactive, displayed and also live performed art for all to enjoy. Friday and Saturday nights will be mainly dedicated to the performances of electronic music both live PA and DJs, we are happy to showcase all this increbible talent. Saturday afternoon will have a mix of live bands for your listening enjoyment from the Boise area. Music will be played almost non-stop from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, with a break in the morning Saturday.

What to expect

* The drive is just over an hour North of Boise (directions will be posted soon)
* Drive very slow due to narrow roads
* There is a river located near the camping area
* Natural non-sulfur hotspring pools that are taken care of really well
* Natural hotspring steam room
* Designated fire pits
* You pack out what you bring in
* Portable toilets will be on site (for human waste ONLY, please no trash)
* Vehicles can be parked by your campsite, but please leave them parked until Sunday.
* If you must leave in your vehicle the only time you can is from dawn until dusk (unless there is an emergency)
* There will be a medic on site
* Security will be on premise only for your protection.

Musical Talent

Electronic Music Performers »

Theory in Motion (Live PA) / innov8tors [Seattle, WA]
www.theoryinmotion.com Pr0teus (Live PA) / Sundance Records [Seattle, WA]
psytrance www.pr0teus.com Electrokid / Virus Resident/Hyve [Portland, OR]
breaks / DnB
www.electrokid.com Suff-X / Virus [Portland, OR]
breaks Sidious / Chaos Existence [Seattle, WA]
psytrance/psybreaks Adlib / POE [Seattle, WA]
progressive house
www.myspace.com/Ad_Lib infinikid [Madison, WI]
progressive house Michael J [Salt Lake City, UT]
breaks Dave Jumpers ( Live PA) [Boise, ID]
Drum & Bass

Local DJ's:
Lost (POE) NRG
Stormshadow (POE) NRG
Positive Friction (MFR) Progressive House
Ryan Duley (pr0cess) Psytrance
steve-0 (pr0cess) House / Breaks
Eli Andrew (White Noise) House
KC Jones (MFR) Progressive House
Brooklyn (Phenix Sol) Funky Tech House www.thefunkykind.com
psychephelia (pr0cess) Ambient collaboration

Bands playing Saturday daytime »

Redfish Bluefish / World Music Garden City Limits / Bluegrass Brandon Follett / Spoken-word

Artistic Contributions »

Esthetic Evolution will feature some artistic talent as well. A group of fire dancers from around Idaho will be in attendance with erratic Poi performances throughout the Festival. We do encourage all who have skills (or even just learning) the art of Poi to come share your fire with us.

Local artists Forrest Flores & Cameron Dick will be displaying some of their works for your visual entertainment Saturday afternoon. Any interest in purchasing works by these 2 will have to be inquired with them individually at the Esthetic Evolution Festival, their email addresses may be available after the event on our webpage to further contact them.

There will also be random acts of art across the meadow. A piece borrowed (truly) from a local park & also contributions from pr0cess themselves.
Things recommended to bring

* Tent / Trailer / Shade structure
* Sleeping bag
* Clothing for all weather types
* Food and Beverage
* Cooking stove (Fire’s are allowed at designated area’s ONLY)
* Eating utensils and cups
* Garbage bags (for packing out your own garbage)
* Bicycle
* Art, crafts, musical instruments, games, etc….
* Smiles

Big tents, geodesic domes, etc… are more than welcome, the bigger the better. If you wish to come a day early to set up please contact us (estheticevolution@hotmail.com).

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