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The hookup

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RE: The hookup | from danMar 07 2000 - 18:18

Jeff and I hooked up through Marty Brumbach who produed or produced most of the Idaho records (see credits on Year After Year). Marty and Brian McPherson had been working with a band I was playing in at the time and towards the end of the making of This Way Out, they started looking afield for various finishing parts of songs. Earlier in the recording process they had used the drummer from that band I was in at that time Mark Lewis for a song. I play an out-tro six string guitar part on one of the later songs on the record. When talk of touring on This Way Out came around I was asked by Marty and Jeff. I think I lobbied heavily for Mark at the time and Jeff added his friend from school John Goldman on Bass. I have been with Idaho ever since.

The hookup | from HollyMar 05 2000 - 19:04

Hi Jeff and Dan.

I have had the biggest crush on you
Jeff since a first laid my eyes on
you at Maxwells a few years back.
I think that's where I saw you. I'm not too sure if Dan was in the
band back then. Dan you are also a
cutie. Anyway to my question, How did you guys hook-up. Jeff I think you did one of my all time fave album "This Way Out" by yourself. Right??? Anyway if you
guys ever need a place to stay in the New York area let me know. I'll tag team the both of you.



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