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Does anyone have any material from Alison's Halo?

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RE: Alison's Halo | from John DoeApr 03 2009 - 02:48

Hi Guys like the stuff, have heard Infantile and Masmos have a listen on:



Tell me what you think.

RE: Alison's Halo | from DavidMar 31 2009 - 08:17

Speaking of which, mplaster, if you're still around, do you have any live footage of Alison's Halo?

RE: Alison's Halo | from davidMar 31 2009 - 08:15

Hey there's people in Canada too! I love Alison's Halo...searched for two years after hearing them for Eyedazzler and finally got it. I really want them to keep working, but I think remastering Eyedazzler is at the bottom of their priorities now.

RE: Alison's Halo | from AngeloJun 30 2005 - 09:31

Yea, I'm from Charleston, West Virginia. There are a few of us here that know about good music.

RE: Alison's Halo | from mplasterJun 28 2005 - 21:04

how funny. i just ran into the Thomas, the drummer, 2 days ago at a local record store. they were locals around here in Tempe and gained a following for a while. my band at the time (firecracker) along with a host of other local shoegazer bands (adulterous woman, half-string, dogshow, etc) were staples in the Tempe "Scene That Celebrates Itself" in the early/mid nineties. nice folks. good stuff, although all of our stuffs at the time was derivative of the bigger shoegaze scene goin on at the time... Slowdive, Levitation, Pale Saints, Cocteaus, Breathless, etc.

check out half-string, you might like 'em if you like that 90's-ish stuff. if nothing else than for the nostalgia-value, i'm sure you'd dig it. half-string got signed to Independent Project Records and released a few 7inches, cd-singles and an album on IPR.

anyhow, good to hear someone outside of AZ (i am assuming) come across one of our long lost local gems!

RE: Alison's Halo | from RaztroJun 28 2005 - 18:58

Yeah, good bands.

Does anyone have any material from Alison's Halo? | from AngeloJun 28 2005 - 18:48

Doe anyone have any material from Alison's Halo? The female vocalist has a enteresting voice. This band came out with stuff in the early nineties. They only made it to the studio to record one track, but they had a few albums that put out themselves. Eyedazzler is one of the albums they put out. The songs sound like they were taken from a tape, but they sound good. I guess you could label the band shoegazers. It's nice music though.

I recently found out about a band out of Montreal called Destroyalldreamers. They are an instrumental shoegaze band. It's real neat stuff. Their website is destroyalldreamers.com. They currently have one album out. It was not put in the States, but you can buy it at Tonevendor.com. You can find their demo album on Soulseek.

The band Monster Movie is nice also. The band consists of former Slowdive member Christian Seville and a member from from his first band Eternal. Former Slowdive drummer Simon Scott also has a new band called Televise. It's pretty good.

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