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Fuel et al.

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Fuel et al. | from RossJan 03 2001 - 10:09

In about the fall of 1994 I was introduced to Idaho one afternoon when watching videos. I saw the "Fuel" video on Much Music (the Canadian equivalent to MTV, VH1 etc...). I was always curious about wether or not , besides "God's Green Earth", any other Idaho videos were ever made.

But here's another one maybe someone could shed a little light on for me. Where can you go to procure the music videos of more obscure artists? I've searched high and low for music videos by some of my favorite bands, but as a lot of them are somewhat more subversive, it seems to be next to impossible to find any. Who owns the rights to a music video anyway? The label, right? Why then, is there almost no trace of the videos in question, when I know for a fact that they exist somewhere?

Life would be so much simpler if I liked Metallica.

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